Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mundane Mondays

It's that time again...Monday!  There isn't much to really enjoy about Monday.  For example, my wedding anniversary was last Monday but we chose to celebrate on Friday simply because Monday isn't known for happiness like Friday.  Monday is the most unromantic, unfun day of the week.  Even Wednesday has become famous by a Geico camel commercial shouting, "HUMP DAY"!  Most dread heading back to work on Monday after a relaxing weekend.  Everything about Monday is MUNDANE. Same traffic, same lunch, same tasks repeated every single Monday - do you catch my drift?

Sometimes even the MUNDANE can have meaning.  Many people will spend more time at work this week than they will at home.  The work days are becoming longer as more companies have eliminated positions and straddled the extra work on a few remaining employees.  Coworkers have their "own drama" and you might not always be in the mood to hear the latest "disaster" in their life - you've got to much work to complete!

Today, I was in the midst of a MUNDANE routine.  I was holding the hand of a woman I didn't know when I was asked to pray for her.  She was dressed up and all smiles. Her teenage son just had a hair cut and was also looking very sharp.  I was sitting behind them.

As I held her hand (from behind), I could instantly feel something.  Realize, because I was rushing into the MUNDANE, I had not even looked at this woman's face.  As I was praying for her, she broke down.  Inconsolable tears started flowing.  Not a "cute" cry, but a "mascara running down your face & I don't care who sees me" type of ugly cry.

Her son didn't know what to think.  He really stood in shock, but as a mother I FELT her at that moment.  It is hard to describe but something so MUNDANE was turning into something EXTRAORDINARY.  I rubbed her hand, still not seeing her face, and squeezed it more tears flowed.  It was my simple gesture just to say, "I'm here for you."  There was a release in that quick moment that I spent with her.  She suddenly was free.

She would now have wisdom born from pain!

The prayer quickly ended and she turned around.  I finally S A W her.  I SAW her hurt, I SAW her tears, I SAW a woman needing just a simple touch.  She hurriedly hugged me and whispered, "thank you."  I haven't seen her since that day but I'm still praying for her.

As you go throughout your MUNDANE Monday...keep your eyes peeled for the person who needs YOU because no one can do life alone.  We are all part of the village called the human race.  (Posted by Roslyn)

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