Sunday, June 19, 2011

Men of Valor

Yesterday, we celebrated Father's Day. Many dads enjoyed being able to relax, grill, golf, or watch sports all day without any interruptions. My house wasn't any different. As I write this post my husband is napping on the couch even though he keeps saying "I'm not asleep, I'm watching the game."

Sobering Reality

I read about the lower expectations for Father's day while drinking my morning coffee. Many people don't have relationships with their father and the reality is that during holidays more flowers, cards and gifts are given to moms. The few humble dads are usually left to receive a new drill, ties or a pair of socks (how I wish you would have bought him a new Fossil watch).

As I scrolled through Facebook yesterday I saw countless amounts of people proudly sharing delightful words about their living or deceased father. They remembered the special moments with dad while they were growing up. Playing catch in the backyard, dressing up and attending a tea party with their little girls are just some of the ways father's make a difference. Renee and I were blessed with an awesome dad that worked hard for his family. Even though he is no longer with us, the lessons he taught live on.

Hope for our future

Father's play such an important role in this journey of life!

I am raising two sons and it's become so clear that the way I handle my boys is completely different from the way my husband raises them. I want to kiss their boo boo's but he will just say, "Ah, you will be alright."

It doesn't matter if you are a biological or surrogate father, all men play a role in shaping children.

Our society needs more of the men that received such great praise on yesterday. We all need a father figure in our lives. Thankfully, these male role models can come in the form of a devoted teacher, inspiring coach or a valiant soldier.

As we go throughout this year, let's continue to praise and encourage the father figures that have lived inside or in some cases outside of our homes.

We salute you, men of valor.

Our society IS filled with men who intentionally love their children and shape the younger generation into great leaders. Click on the link below and leave us a comment about some of the valiant men in your life. (Posted by Roslyn)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Take Courage

This is a guest post by Jackie Chapman.

Olivia & Jackie

Take Courage! These are two words, my daughter (Olivia), had engraved on her class ring. Last Saturday, our family had the pleasure of seeing Olivia graduate from high school. Days leading up to graduation I had flashbacks of the past 18 years. I admit I had them while trying to hold back tears. I remember the first time I held her. Her first tooth, her first steps, her first day of Kindergarten, her first recital and now I will remember the first time I saw her in her cap and gown. This time I was not able to hold back the tears (tears of joy and extreme pride). I thanked God for the blessing she's been to our family.

The day after Olivia's graduation, I was also delivering my first sermon.

In the midst of being a wife, mother of three teenagers and having a full time career, I heard the voice of God call me to spread the good news. When I spoke to my Pastor about accepting my call, he suggested I deliver my first message on the Sunday after graduation. I discussed this with Olivia because I didn't want to take anything away from her graduation experience. She thought it was a great idea. That is when God lead me to use her words, Take Courage, as the inspiration for the message I would deliver. In Matthew 14:27 (NIV), Jesus said,

"Take courage. It is I. Don't be afraid."

This leads to Peter's step of faith in walking on water towards Jesus. Olivia and I are both preparing to take steps of faith as we approach a new season in our lives.

Olivia is leaving home to attend college.

Take courage is what she will need to do as she moves into the dorm, makes new friends and attends her classes. Take courage will help her decide when to socialize and when to study.

God has called me to minister.

I will take courage whenever He leads me to deliver a message to His people. I will take courage when He sends someone with a broken spirit for me to speak words of encouragement.

Whatever you are facing right now, trust Jesus. Hear His words, "Take Courage"!

~Jackie Chapman is a member of New Jacob's Chapel Missionary Baptist Church.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

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(Posted by Renee)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drive By Blessing!

How many times do you ride by a homeless man or woman and keep driving?

You desire to help but you also don't want to give money that could possibly be used to feed an addiction. I would venture to say that almost every person reading this post has experienced this scenario.

Today I was inspired by my son's school to make a difference! Their youth department prepares gallon-size plastic storage bags to bless the homeless. They contain various items such as soup, nuts, mints, bottle of water, spoon, and a granola bar. The bag also includes an index card with the name, phone number, location and operation hours of the local Christian Social Services office. Whenever they drive by someone in need, they give them a bag.

What a concept......a drive by blessing!

This idea was profound for me. You have the ability to impact someone's life with a simple gesture. The word of God tells us, to whom much is given, much is required. We are blessed beyond measure, why not share the blessing.

I wanted to take the gift to the next's how:

Roslyn and I are couponers. We save about 50%-65% on our weekly food bill utilizing couponing techniques. (If you are interested in how we do it, check out

We often purchase items that we don't use regularly because they are free or almost 80% cheaper than the retail cost. We don't pay for toothbrushes, deodorant, or toothpaste.

I added a few of those items in the storage bag pictured above. A gallon bag can hold quite a few items that will help anyone in need.

Be creative with your drive by blessing.......add an inspirational note or book (thanks Jackie) or socks in the winter. Utilize your family to help spread the love of Christ throughout your community!

My husband and I packed our bag yesterday and we are on a mission to change someone's life, one bag at a time. If you check your pantry, you probably already have enough items to fill a bag without even shopping.

Please help us make this concept go viral. Share it on your Facebook page, Twitter, or LinkedIn account.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finish Strong!

     Our country is captivated by the NBA basketball finals.  The hometown team, Miami Heat, are in a race to win the coveted title of  "National Basketball Champions".  Our city goes into hysteria every time the Heat take to the court in hope that they win and get one step closer to winning it all.
     My husband is a die hard Heat fan and faithfully watches every game.  I sit on the couch trying to seem interested but in many games the Heat are losing by the end of the 3rd quarter and I go to bed thinking that they will lose.  To my surprise, during this playoff season, I wake up in the morning and find out the Heat made an amazing comeback and win the game. 
     A few weeks ago I was talking to my niece and she was sharing with me a new bible verse she had learned at school.  It said, "Patient endurance is what you need now."  I asked her what does "endurance" mean.  Out of her mouth she said, it means to "finish strong." 
    A light bulb went off in my head.
    Many of us in life don't finish strong in the tasks that are set before us.  We start off strong, with much enthusiasm and intensity but somewhere along the line we fizzle out and run out of gas.
     My hope for you in all of your endeavors is to be inspired to "finish strong".  Don't let rejection and obstacles get in the way.  Let them move you closer to fulfilling the dream in your heart. 

What do you need to do to finish strong

Maybe it's finishing a class or two to get that next degree. Do you need to complete a project at work, start saving money or simply clean out that closet that is full of junk?  Whatever it is make sure that you finish strong just like the Miami Heat.  Never let someone count you out or discount your abilities.  Be inspired and Let's Go Heat! (Posted by Roslyn)