Sunday, July 28, 2013

I'm Afraid!

I spend much more time at home now.  As the weather heats up, I realize just how many lizards, frogs and creepy, crawly insects are waiting at my door to jump (literally) inside my house.  Do you blame them?

The nice AC is probably the biggest attraction to come in.  I sat on my favorite white couch a few days ago and noticed the most gigantic lizard.  I didn't yell for fear that he would run.  But, I calmly asked my son to, "come get it".  He just peered at it and said, "Mom, that lizard is too big for me to catch".  What the heck?  I was hoping to be rescued, by my son, from this huge lizard so I could finish reading my book.

The day went on, but rest assured, I kept my eyes on "the lizard". I wanted to make sure I knew his every move.  During every phone conversation, I was talking about "the lizard".  He never left from the windowsill and I was happy because my husband was coming home.  He would rescue me.  He truly has no fear when it comes to insects.

Why was I so afraid?  

The more I focused on "the lizard" the bigger it appeared.  I truly am significantly larger than that teeny, tiny lizard.  But, at that moment, my focus led me astray to feel this was the most mammoth creature I'd ever seen.  It all seems funny now, but I really wanted that dang thing out of my house.

If I surveyed all of you reading this post, you would probably agree with me. Sometimes we focus and make problems bigger than what they really are.  Where we focus our attention gains dominance and space in our minds.  Our job is to take each challenge as they come and place it into a rational perspective.

The book I'm currently reading is, "Expect to Win" by Carla A. Harris.  The lizard episode in my home happened moments before I read the following words from the book:

F.E.A.R = False Evidence of Things Appearing Real

Carla explains in her book that most likely what you are afraid of is not even real.  I can tell you, the lizard was really not as big as I described.  My husband came home and said, "This is what you were afraid of"?  He was appalled to think that I created so much chaos in our home for such a small innocent insect harmlessly looking for food.

Stop making your F.E.A.R bigger than your reality.  

You can never live life to it's fullest if you are tormented by fear.  Stop complaining about what you need, take a bold move and make it happen!  God can only help those who are willing to help themselves first.  The worst that can happen is you will fail.  Who cares?

Failure leads to success.  

"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something.  But I can't accept not trying".  
~Michael Jordan

When you fail, you gain valuable experience that you will use on your journey to destiny and success.  Heed the lessons you learn from failing.  Please stop living in the world of, "WHAT IF"?  That single question can thwart the purpose God has for your life.

Q:  Are you creating your own obstacles?  Are you riddled thinking about barriers that don't even exist?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions realize you are operating in F.E.A.R.  Launch out, take a bold move, don't be afraid of failure and watch the valuable experience you will gain from moving forward. Failure will just be a detour not a delay.  Aim High!  (Posted by Roslyn)

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Change of Heart

~ Today's blog is a re-post from A Beautiful Blog. ~
Seventeen years ago when my husband asked me to marry him, I can’t say that my mother-in-law was extremely happy and joyful. Let’s be honest, I was taking “away” the son she poured her life into. He was her only child. Adopted at the tender age of seven months old, he consumed her life. After his parents divorced early in his life, she worked three jobs to maintain the lifestyle he was accustomed to. She couldn’t always attend his games or travel to school events but he was her pride and joy.
I didn’t understand it then because only my filtered wisdom mattered. When we married, I felt she didn’t like me much. I had no insight to understand differently. My parents were ecstatic, so why wasn’t she?
My thoughts and opinions strained my relationship with her for years. I was cordial and gracious but I know in my heart it could have been a much deeper relationship if I had just opened myself up more. Now that I’m the mother of a four year old son, it creates an awareness I never had before. There are times when loving my son takes my breath away. With every kiss and every hug, he draws me into his heart. Loving him is intoxicating and beyond words. My son has my heart. I realize that if my mother-in-law shared similar emotions about Alton, no wonder it was hard for her to release him.
I’ve now moved into another season in my relationship with her. I no longer feel tension and stress when we are together. Being able to see the situation through her eyes brings compassion and understanding. A few years ago she was diagnosed with dementia. There are days when her memory is great and then there are days when it takes time for her just to remember our names. I’m so happy that I made peace within about our relationship, especially before her diagnosis. I wouldn’t be able to care for her in the way that I do if my past feelings were still there. I try and treat each moment with her as if it were my last. As her disease progresses, I know that only God knows when He will transition her with him. Until then, I will continue to love her in such a special way.
If it weren’t for her and Alton’s dad, there would be no him. No us. Thank God for a change of heart.
1 Corinthians 13 shares the true meaning of love!
 We would love to hear about an in-law relationship that’s been restored in your life. Grab a cup of coffee and leave a comment below!  (Posted by Renee)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fun Friday...Happy Places = Happy People


It has been a while since we've posted on Friday.  Summer brings sweat, heat, lazy days and opportunities to travel to your "happy place".  With kids in school, Summer is one of the only times for us to get out, relax, refresh and explore.

Here are a few shots from my happy place - The Beach:

Tyler at Sunset in Marco Island

Wherever the path leads - travel to your happy place!
Roslyn enjoying Singer Island, FL 

This weekend be inspired to travel (even if it is only in your mind) to that 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I Am Raising America's Most Hated...

BEWARE:  This is not your normal blog post

It is not easy raising children.  But raising one of our country's most hated members of society brings more complication into the equation.  Let me clarify for you...raising a black male in America IS scary.  The world easily looks at color on a male as a deterrent to any intellectual ability.  Most men of color are viewed with the ability to only perform one thing - entertainment.  It could be a stand up comedian, singer, runner, actor, football or basketball player.

Black males, unfortunately, only see the world through limited lenses.  Other races, ethnicities and gender can view the world with a vast amount of opportunities, but not if you are a black male.  You walk into a room or a packed elevator and people grab their handbags.  You walk next to their car and they lock their doors.  It's the overwhelming amount of negative images that have plagued and are fed into mainstream homes via our tv, social media and newspapers.  It is not just limited to black males but also latino men.

People often tell me, "You are so articulate and polished".  They think this is a compliment to me.  But inside I realize they didn't expect much more that the stereotypical images they see depicted in shows like "Atlanta Housewives".  I can offer a statement in any arena and instantly others think I am MAD.  Let me clear the record, I'm not MAD just misunderstood.

For the past few days, our world has been captivated by the trial of George Zimmerman.  It is not a case to understand who committed the murder.  The blood of Trayvon Martin lies on the hands of George Zimmerman.  That's not to be disputed.  But our world is fascinated to see if the juror of six women will say he acted in self defense.  Only time will tell, but this legal case has festered up so many feelings.  You can even download an APP on your smartphone for latest, breaking news about this case.  Will their ever be an APP for justice?

Sybrina Fulton- mother of Trayvon Martin
  I am raising America's most hated.  

My boys are black males. It is one of the many reasons I pray with a fierceness that can't be shaken.  My sons enjoy skittles and each one owns a black hoodie that they wear frequently.  I find myself obsessed with this case because I am that mother in the courtroom.

Sybrina Fulton is the mother of slain teenager, Trayvon Martin.  Her stoic face was seen daily sitting in the courtroom listening, at times, cringing and crying at the testimonies and evidence being presented.  I am that mother!

She is often shown wearing black or dark colors.  She is longing to hold, kiss and hug her precious boy.  George Zimmerman took that privilege away from her.  Sybrina is the reason why I've watched this case so intently.  Raising America's most hated is not an easy task.  Watching her black son receive justice in our legal system - an uphill battle!

No matter what the verdict we must ALL move forward in peace - not anger or resentment.  If you find a group of people passionate and spirited about this case now you know why. (Posted by Roslyn)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Double Portion Inspiration wishes you a safe and happy 4th of July.

This holiday enjoy:

Freedom. Fireworks. Friends and Family!