Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Game of Failure

Almost every Tuesday afternoon you will find me on a baseball field watching my son, Tyler, during his pitching practice.  His pitching instructor, Benny,  is a funny, every day guy who lovingly critiques everything about my son. "Remember your mechanics, Tyler" or "Make the adjustment" are wonderful quotes he always uses when he needs Tyler to focus and pitch the way he has taught him over these past two years.

Last Tuesday, he said something I had never heard him say.  "Tyler, baseball is a game of failure". 

That statement has intrigued me for the past week and I can't seem to get it out of my head.  This week is opening week for MLB (major league baseball).  I am thrilled!  Millions of people will turn on their television or head to a ballpark (like me) to watch and cheer for their favorite team. 

When I asked Benny what he meant by that statement he said, baseball is filled with failure because the majority of the time each batter will strike out.  Only about 30% of the time (if you are a really good batter) will you hit the ball and get on base.  Pitchers will pitch balls outside of the strike zone.  It's a game of failure but millions will watch America's favorite pasttime.

Life, interestingly enough, is the same way.  We will fail!  It will happen to all of us, just keep living.  Those failures should never stop us from trying, dreaming, or believing in our abilities. Many of us have plans of starting a business, pursuing another educational degree or maybe a dream to write a screen play.  Don't let obstacles stop you. Please realize just as sure as you dream or step towards acheiving your goal, you will be faced with a challenge. 

Theodore Roosevelt said, "It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed."

This week be inspired to move towards your goals. Many of us want overnight success but we have to put in the hard work and in due season we will reap a great harvest! Don't get tired!  Press on and allow your failure to fuel your next step.

Let's go Marlins! (Posted by Roslyn)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Paid In Full

Imagine going to your mailbox and finding a note from your mortgage company saying that your debt is paid in full. You would probably move from disbelief to sheer joy in a matter of minutes. This recently happened to us.

As twins, our families are very close. Our kids are more like brothers and sisters than they are cousins. It just makes sense that we spend vacations together to have “double” the fun. We purchased property together in Gatlinburg, TN about 4 years ago (the photo above is one of the beautiful streams near our property). We were scheduled to pay off the remaining mortgage next year. 

Last week my husband went to the mailbox like normal and received a letter from our mortgage holder. To his surprise, the letter informed us that our property was PAID IN FULL and the deed would be forwarded in the upcoming months. We quickly called Roslyn and her husband to find out if they paid off the mortgage (we figured this probably wasn’t the case but we had to ask). They were just as amazed as we were. We then went online to review our account and it said the same three words, PAID IN FULL!

How did it happen? What caused the mortgage company to send us the "paid in full" letter?

Maybe we didn’t realize that we were finished with our payments or maybe the sovereign and awesome God we serve provided us a "double dose" of amazing favor.

At that moment, while sitting in my kitchen getting ready to prepare dinner, I gently heard God say, “stop doubting and limiting my abilities”. What happened that day was nothing less than a miracle. If it happened to us, it can happen to you. Whether you are trusting God for your health, finances, or relationship concerns, TRUST him and watch how He works in your life. Blessings can sometimes come through the mail. (posted by Renee)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don’t let your "raisin" dry up

One of my favorite poems is "A Dream Deferred" by Langston Hughes. The first lines of the poem read, "What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?" These simple yet profound words inspired Lorraine Hansberry to write the famous play, "A Raisin in the Sun."

With the world knowing our secret of wanting to become published authors, it is vital that we not allow our dream to wither.

On Monday my husband received an email from a co-worker who subscribes to the blog. Reading the blog blessed her to the point that she encouraged us to enter a contest to win a scholarship to attend the 2011 She Speaks Conference in Concord, North Carolina. Her email resonated with me this week because I thought about how sharing with others through this blog is inspiring the world!

She Speaks conference will take place in July. This conference offers a platform for new or seasoned writers and speakers. We come together to acquire tools and resources to make the most of our message. In a world where women are often portrayed negatively, this conference offers an environment for women to gain wisdom and faithful instruction to influence the world around them. We are energized about this conference and the vast training it will provide.

What about YOU? What are you inspired to do? How will you fulfill the dream inside of you and within your heart? The sole purpose of this blog is to inspire the world!

What steps are you taking to make your dream a reality and to ensure your dream doesn’t dry up like the raisin in the sun? (Posted by Roslyn)

For more information on the She Speaks Conference, click on this link:

She Speaks Scholarship Link

Monday, March 7, 2011


Here we go…………the big reveal!

Roslyn and I are setting out on a path to become published authors. Excitement around the journey we are embarking on together are beyond words. God gave me the vision through a woman I’d never met until November of last year. Within minutes of meeting Hortensia Rodriguez, she quickly spoke into my life with eight simple words. “Write the book that the world needs to hear.” Quietly I meditated on God’s command and with his permission shared my “aha” moment with Roslyn. She then revealed that God also whispered the same to her.

We’ve spent the last few days in Lake Yale, Florida at the 2011 Florida Christian Writers Conference surrounded by talented writers, authors, publishers and editors. From the moment we arrived on the property, there was an atmosphere of greatness that only God could prepare for us. It was an honor to be among numerous Christian writers who share our same interest. The conference organizer, Billie Wilson, conveyed to us on the first day that “God chose this moment in time to share through each of us what is on his heart.” We are confident that our dream will soon become a reality. Follow us on this journey.

Over the next few weeks we will post a few of the inspirational highlights from the conference. We are setting out to inspire the world!

Click on the video clip to see more about our reveal. Stay Inspired! (posted by Renee)

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Big Reveal!

Let us first start off by saying thank you. The Double Portion Inspirational blog is celebrating it's one month anniversary. It is amazing to see the awesome response.
Our blog is viewed internationally throughout South Africa, Netherlands, and Russia. How cool is that!
We wanted to let each of you know that we will have a big announcement coming soon so stay tuned and most importantly-Stay Inspired!