Monday, March 21, 2011

Paid In Full

Imagine going to your mailbox and finding a note from your mortgage company saying that your debt is paid in full. You would probably move from disbelief to sheer joy in a matter of minutes. This recently happened to us.

As twins, our families are very close. Our kids are more like brothers and sisters than they are cousins. It just makes sense that we spend vacations together to have “double” the fun. We purchased property together in Gatlinburg, TN about 4 years ago (the photo above is one of the beautiful streams near our property). We were scheduled to pay off the remaining mortgage next year. 

Last week my husband went to the mailbox like normal and received a letter from our mortgage holder. To his surprise, the letter informed us that our property was PAID IN FULL and the deed would be forwarded in the upcoming months. We quickly called Roslyn and her husband to find out if they paid off the mortgage (we figured this probably wasn’t the case but we had to ask). They were just as amazed as we were. We then went online to review our account and it said the same three words, PAID IN FULL!

How did it happen? What caused the mortgage company to send us the "paid in full" letter?

Maybe we didn’t realize that we were finished with our payments or maybe the sovereign and awesome God we serve provided us a "double dose" of amazing favor.

At that moment, while sitting in my kitchen getting ready to prepare dinner, I gently heard God say, “stop doubting and limiting my abilities”. What happened that day was nothing less than a miracle. If it happened to us, it can happen to you. Whether you are trusting God for your health, finances, or relationship concerns, TRUST him and watch how He works in your life. Blessings can sometimes come through the mail. (posted by Renee)

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  1. Amazing!!!! I got chills when I read this. I know exactly what happened. God paid you back for supporting me in my new adventure to a healthier lifestyle! Maria :)


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