Monday, February 28, 2011

VOSS is my new favorite water thanks to a great friend of mine that introduced me to the wonderful taste and look of the bottled water. She gave our small group members the beautiful, crystal clear cylinder bottle a few weeks ago. VOSS is a sparkling mineral water from Norway that has an ability to quench my thirst whether I drink it cold or at room temperature.

When you read the VOSS story, you find out that the company was started by two friends. They attended high school together, went their separate ways but continued to share with each other their diverse experiences.

After drinking the water, we decided that our small group name would be VOSS. We are a small collection of women that have overcome numerous obstacles. We represent different cultures, birth places and experiences that have matured us in ways we never thought imaginable. For us, VOSS, means:


This statement defines the power we possess as children of the most High. I LOVE this name and what it represents so much that I want to start a revolution! We want to find men and women all over the world that represent VICTORY over their past hurts and present obstacles.

To accomplish this task, we need your help. If you know of someone who embodies the meaning of VOSS, give them a bottle and tell them to do the same for someone else in their circle of friends.

Recently, during a birthday celebration with my sister and our best friends, I gave each of them a bottle of VOSS with a note that explained the reason why they were receiving it. As you can see in their faces, they were so excited to join the VOSS revolution.

It is time to declare our VICTORY and join together as a unified body!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Look Up!

One of the best reasons to live in Florida this time of the year is the amazing weather. The crystal blue skies and warm sunshine are wonderful considering that most of the country remains buried under snow and ice.

Last Saturday was no exception. I was in the house cooking breakfast when my son started screaming, "Mom come here"! He said it so many times, I really thought one of my kids was hurt or bleeding. I ran outside to see this gorgeous sight. A sky writer had just completed writing the words "TRUST JESUS & GOD". It was the most amazing sight ever seen in the sky. It was so impressive! I am sure for miles around you could see those inspiring words written in the sky. I quickly grabbed my iphone to snap a picture. I stood outside basking in the glory of the sun (SON).
That day I was overwhelmed thinking about all of the stuff on my "to do list" for the weekend. As a full time working mom, weekends don't mean a day off. I find myself keeping crazy busy even though it is the weekend (the time I should be resting). Imagine what a great reminder God gave me on last week when I looked up.

I'm not sure what stress or obstacles you might be facing (completing a school project, caring for a loved one, making a decision, trying to pay a bill, etc.). No matter the test, I want to remind you to TRUST the way God reminded me last week.

God can handle it! He created you so that He could LOVE on you. He won't let you down, just look up and allow Him to remind you of His impressive power.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Journey

The journey to work can sometimes seem SO long. I am sure that everyone with a long commute can agree. Lately I feel like, with two very active boys, that I spend most of my time sitting in my truck. It is almost my second home-I put on makeup, comb my hair, eat my meals, check my email/voicemail, make phone calls, sing, take a nap (on rare occassions) and hang out with my kids all in the comfort of my truck.

Let's face it life is zooming by and sometimes the journey to get to each new season seems to take forever. I'm always racing to keep up with the "flow of traffic" but then the stoplight turns red and all of a sudden I have to stop-UGH! I just want to keep going, but the red light in front of me and the police officer in the next lane remind me that I better STOP.

Now for the life lesson, sometimes ALL of us are racing through life just so we can keep up with the "flow of traffic". We usually chase after things (the bigger house, bigger car, newer job, more money) that can't provide us ANY satisfaction.

For instance, I just found a cute pair of shoes in my closet I had to have last year because they were the "fashion statement" of the season. I just realized the shoes were never worn.

I know I'm not the only one. How many of you still have tags on new clothes, hmmm? No matter how many things we strive to obtain, they can never fill or satifsy the space that only God can fill.

Think about it, who knows you better than the One that created you?

I have to learn how to slow down and enjoy the God moments that are all around me. I need to enjoy the blessings that surround me, stop complaining about what I can't change and look only to God to fill that "empty space".

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Lesson from the Sand Crane

Almost daily in my subdivision, you will see beautiful sand cranes walking around in pairs. They immediately get your attention because they are long-legged (over 4 feet tall), long-necked birds that have an impressive wing span.

You can learn so much from the sand crane regarding companionship and marriage. The sand cranes are believed to mate for life. Mated cranes have a “unison call” that is a synchronized duet used to reinforce the bond between the female and male birds. They stand close together while eating, flying, and sleeping. Both parents help to rear the young until the next breeding season.

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to highlight the lifestyle of the sand crane. On a day when we celebrate love and affection, there is much to be gained from studying these birds in their natural habitat. Even in the animal kingdom, God illustrates the power of companionship.

I was inspired on Saturday by a single sand crane walking in my backyard. It didn’t have a mate. I wondered what happened. What was the story behind this solitary existence? I will never know but there was a beautiful lesson in it. Even though the crane was alone, it continued to move forward. It hunted for food and walked tall with a boldness not found in most of the bird species. This particular bird didn’t allow the tragedy of losing a partner or maybe never having one, stop its progress.

Whether married, single, widowed, or searching for your mate, God is concerned about the details of your life. He desires an intimate relationship with you. He wants to be the lover of your soul. Never allow your circumstances to separate you from Christ. His love is unconditional. There is no greater love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
(Posted by Renee)
**Thanks to my husband for helping to co-author this blog and driving me around to snap a photo of the sand crane**

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's Your Number?

Normally on Sunday evenings, you will find my daughter and I getting her hair ready for school on Monday. This past week she asked me "mommy, I wonder how many hairs are on my head"?

What a question! Even though I carried my daughter in my womb for nine months, gave birth to her after 15 hours of labor and nursed her for 12 months, I didn't know the number.

Her Bratz doll was close by so we started trying to count her hair strand by strand. I think we stopped after five strands of hair. We quickly found out that it would be exhausting to try and count each piece of hair. I then turned her question into a teachable moment.

The word of God shares with us that we were knitted together in our mother's womb and the number of hairs on our head are all numbered and known by Him. He knows when we sit and when we rise. He can even perceive our thoughts from a distance. Before a word is on our tongue, He knows it completely. In those moments when we feel that he must not care about us or our situation, the 139th Psalm assures us that He does know and He cares.

I shared with my daughter that even though we may not know the number of hairs on her head, God knows.

Hold fast to the truth that you are fearfully and wonderfully made! He knows your pain, sees your tears and will come when you call.

Thank God he knows your number!

Monday, February 7, 2011


I will warn you, most of my inspiration will come from baseball. Both my boys play and I spend the majority of my time on a baseball field. I really used to hate watching baseball, even though my grandfather was an avid fan of the sport. I always felt it was a boring sport. Now that my son's been playing for 6 years, I have developed a complete LOVE for the game.

This weekend my son had a baseball tournament. He was one of the starting pitchers. I always look into the dugout to encourage him after every inning. As I peeped through the windows in the dugout this time to encourage him, I saw something different. I thought about how all the major league baseball players started in the same way as my son. Countless amount of time is spent practicing, having private lessons, working through injuries, getting rejected, winning, losing, etc. Our culture is so accustomed to life zooming by quickly. We don't want to wait. We don't know how to wait. We fail to realize that becoming a legend is a process, and the same is true in our own lives. The legend we leave behind will always follow us, long after we are deceased.

So what are we working towards TODAY to make our legendary legacy a reality?

It starts with small steps....more time praying, more time reading scripture, more time thinking positively, and more time living a life of gratitude. I learned this weekend that I need to stop rushing the process God has for my life (some of the process is more painful than others) and take each moment as it comes. I know He is looking in and encouraging me along the way just as I do with my son!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Keep It Moving

We want to thank each of you for your support of our new blog! We are overwhelmed by the number of people that reached out to encourage us. We are eternally grateful. We praise God for allowing the blog to have international exposure on the first day!

When God gently whispers direction in your life or gives kingdom strategies toward your dreams, we often feel that there won’t be a struggle in our steps toward destiny. Fortunately those obstacles are there to grow perseverance in our lives.

In our pursuit to launch the blog on February 1st, we encountered SO many problems. I snapped a quick photo of the numerous medicines my family took in the days leading up to the launch. We were trying to recover and minimize the effects from the stomach flu and influenza. In the midst of my family fighting for good health, Roslyn’s computer crashed causing her to lose all of her 400+ contacts. Each of these events were distractions from the vision. They were meant to stop the will of God but we refused to allow ANY interruption remove our focus from God’s direction.

In those moments we decided to KEEP IT MOVING!

So there I sat on Saturday, after a few days of rest, with the computer in my lap and tissue in the other hand (hand sanitizer was also close by) while we worked on the blog format. I CHOSE in that moment to center my thoughts and keep going toward God’s will.

What is trying to block your vision? Choose today to KEEP IT MOVING toward destiny!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You Found Us!

Welcome to the official launch of our new blog! Roslyn and I are so happy you decided to stop by.

Today is the 1st day of Black History month and we are carving out our own little piece of history.

Staying connected with us is easy....leave your email address and receive our new posts automatically.

So sit back and enjoy a "double dose" of inspiration!