Monday, February 7, 2011


I will warn you, most of my inspiration will come from baseball. Both my boys play and I spend the majority of my time on a baseball field. I really used to hate watching baseball, even though my grandfather was an avid fan of the sport. I always felt it was a boring sport. Now that my son's been playing for 6 years, I have developed a complete LOVE for the game.

This weekend my son had a baseball tournament. He was one of the starting pitchers. I always look into the dugout to encourage him after every inning. As I peeped through the windows in the dugout this time to encourage him, I saw something different. I thought about how all the major league baseball players started in the same way as my son. Countless amount of time is spent practicing, having private lessons, working through injuries, getting rejected, winning, losing, etc. Our culture is so accustomed to life zooming by quickly. We don't want to wait. We don't know how to wait. We fail to realize that becoming a legend is a process, and the same is true in our own lives. The legend we leave behind will always follow us, long after we are deceased.

So what are we working towards TODAY to make our legendary legacy a reality?

It starts with small steps....more time praying, more time reading scripture, more time thinking positively, and more time living a life of gratitude. I learned this weekend that I need to stop rushing the process God has for my life (some of the process is more painful than others) and take each moment as it comes. I know He is looking in and encouraging me along the way just as I do with my son!

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