Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Lesson from the Sand Crane

Almost daily in my subdivision, you will see beautiful sand cranes walking around in pairs. They immediately get your attention because they are long-legged (over 4 feet tall), long-necked birds that have an impressive wing span.

You can learn so much from the sand crane regarding companionship and marriage. The sand cranes are believed to mate for life. Mated cranes have a “unison call” that is a synchronized duet used to reinforce the bond between the female and male birds. They stand close together while eating, flying, and sleeping. Both parents help to rear the young until the next breeding season.

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to highlight the lifestyle of the sand crane. On a day when we celebrate love and affection, there is much to be gained from studying these birds in their natural habitat. Even in the animal kingdom, God illustrates the power of companionship.

I was inspired on Saturday by a single sand crane walking in my backyard. It didn’t have a mate. I wondered what happened. What was the story behind this solitary existence? I will never know but there was a beautiful lesson in it. Even though the crane was alone, it continued to move forward. It hunted for food and walked tall with a boldness not found in most of the bird species. This particular bird didn’t allow the tragedy of losing a partner or maybe never having one, stop its progress.

Whether married, single, widowed, or searching for your mate, God is concerned about the details of your life. He desires an intimate relationship with you. He wants to be the lover of your soul. Never allow your circumstances to separate you from Christ. His love is unconditional. There is no greater love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
(Posted by Renee)
**Thanks to my husband for helping to co-author this blog and driving me around to snap a photo of the sand crane**

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  1. I love this post. Thank goodness you drew inspiration. Happy v-day!


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