Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Journey

The journey to work can sometimes seem SO long. I am sure that everyone with a long commute can agree. Lately I feel like, with two very active boys, that I spend most of my time sitting in my truck. It is almost my second home-I put on makeup, comb my hair, eat my meals, check my email/voicemail, make phone calls, sing, take a nap (on rare occassions) and hang out with my kids all in the comfort of my truck.

Let's face it life is zooming by and sometimes the journey to get to each new season seems to take forever. I'm always racing to keep up with the "flow of traffic" but then the stoplight turns red and all of a sudden I have to stop-UGH! I just want to keep going, but the red light in front of me and the police officer in the next lane remind me that I better STOP.

Now for the life lesson, sometimes ALL of us are racing through life just so we can keep up with the "flow of traffic". We usually chase after things (the bigger house, bigger car, newer job, more money) that can't provide us ANY satisfaction.

For instance, I just found a cute pair of shoes in my closet I had to have last year because they were the "fashion statement" of the season. I just realized the shoes were never worn.

I know I'm not the only one. How many of you still have tags on new clothes, hmmm? No matter how many things we strive to obtain, they can never fill or satifsy the space that only God can fill.

Think about it, who knows you better than the One that created you?

I have to learn how to slow down and enjoy the God moments that are all around me. I need to enjoy the blessings that surround me, stop complaining about what I can't change and look only to God to fill that "empty space".

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