Thursday, October 25, 2012

Four (4) Things I Never Travel Without

October has proved to be my busiest travel month this year.  There's no wonder why I am sharing four items I never travel without for our Fun Friday post.  

  • Sneakers

I never travel without my sneakers.  Even with a hectic schedule, I always try and squeeze in a workout.  If you missed my post on how to stay fit without a gym, here you go.  I don't always have time, but even if it's 30 minutes, it's better than nothing. 

  • P90X workout dvd's

I love P90X.  It's portable and a great way to fit in an intense workout while on the road.  The cardio dvd from the collection is fun and only 45 minutes long.  It's a great mix of yoga, kickboxing, pilates (core) and plyometrics. 

  • A good book

I don't always have a chance to commit to 30 minutes of reading when I'm home.  Between work and family, time is limited.  Being on the road provides moments of peace and quiet.  My current reads include "Monday Morning Leadership" by David Cottrell" and "The Next Big Story" by Soledad O'Brien.

  • The Bible

I always travel with my Bible.  God's word will make the hardest of days easier to deal with.  His word gives life.  His promises of peace and sound mind will sustain even the faint at heart.  Allow it to protect you as you travel along life's journey.

He who lives in the safe place of the Most High will be in the shadow of the All-powerful.  I will say to the Lord, “You are my safe and strong place, my God, in Whom I trust.” Psalms 91:1-2

What's your favorite travel item? (Posted by Renee)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Monday Madness

Renee and I usually seek out to inspire on Mondays.  We are always engaging with our world in a way that allows us to encourage others along their journey.  This Monday will be a bit different, which is why I titled this post, "Monday Madness".

My son came to me weeks ago and told me about a pair of shoes he wanted to buy.  I've learned being the mother of a middle schooler boy, life is all about the sneakers.  I asked the price and he said, "Mom, please just let me buy the shoes."  I again asked the price now realizing that his resistance to answer the question meant they were far out of our price range.  He finally told me he wanted to buy Lebron Hornets.  I still have no idea what that means.

The Lebron Hornets
I simply stated, "If you save your money you can buy whatever shoes you want."  I never knew that on this past Saturday standing in the middle of  Foot Locker, I would have to eat my words.  My son set out on a mission.  He was DETERMINED to buy these shoes.  Since school recently started, he already owned 2 new pair of shoes for the school year.  The shoes he desired would be different, they had a certain SWAGG about them.

He drew up a contract for us to sign. He committed to do different chores around the house for his weekly allowance.  We've been down this road before and usually he defaults on his side of the agreement.

But not this time.  Tyler had a different light in his eyes over these shoes.  I also didn't think he could keep save all the money needed to buy these shoes.  My children have money and will spend it within a week.  He patiently waited, week after week, without spending his allowance.

I announced to my entire house on Friday night, "I'm going shopping tomorrow."  Trust me, this is never fun for my husband when I make this type of announcement.  My son told me, mom I want to go with you.  I laughed because one things my boys despise is shopping.

Sure enough he told me he was ready to buy his shoes.  I couldn't believe it.  His determination and patience allowed him to quickly reach his goal.  He proudly walked into the shoe store and bought his turquoise/teal Lebron Hornets.  I had to bite my tongue because those shoes cost double what I normally pay for his sneakers. He has posted the shoes all over Instagram as a badge of honor.  It is amazing what you can accomplish when you move forward with patience and determination. (Posted by Roslyn)

Q:  What "MAD" purchase have you made lately?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Swift Transition

The Cousins!
In a moment life can change.  It easily can start with a disturbing phone call, accident, medical report or disabling injury.  You find your head and heart swirling trying to make sense of how fast your life has been altered.  I've learned over many years that life if full of swift transitions.  We move from one season to another in a moment's notice.  For instance, a young wife who's husband is killed during active duty in Afghanistan instantly becomes a widow and a single mother-swift transition.

I spent this weekend celebrating the life of my Uncle (John Milton Rutledge).  His legacy spanned over 80 years and although he had a long and prosperous life, the loss still hurts.  The death of a loved one is anything but easy.  It all began with an upsetting phone call letting me know he had a devastating fall.  In less than a week, he quietly and swiftly transitioned to his heavenly home.

No matter how fast our life changes, we must learn how to move forward with strength and resilience.  I found strength being surrounded by loving family members.  Family from as far as Africa and the UK.  My cousins and I spent the weekend sharing fond memories of our Uncle.  That's really all we have now.  We can see his tall frame hunched over his cane, hear his deep bass voice and feel at peace knowing he is resting in the arms of his Creator.

Q:  What swift transition has occurred in your life?  How did you handle it?

I pray that God would comfort and saturate you with His peace.  You can make it through anything.  In fact, tough moments are what strengthen us.  You are surrounded by family and those that love you even if they are near or far.

Remember to live intentionally.  Life moves fast! It is similar to a vapor or mist evaporating in the air.

Here's a little advice:  Because life if full of swift transition, build your hopes on things eternal.  Don't be consumed with those things that are temporary and will soon pass away.  Leave a positive legacy for yourself. At the end of your journey all that is left are precious memories. (Posted by Roslyn)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Where Will the Road Take You?

Weekends are a time to refresh and unwind.  After working hard the entire week, all you have is a few days to rest and relax before the work week starts all over again.  So, here's the question, where will the road take you this weekend?  Whatever you decide to do or wherever you decide to travel, Roslyn and I pray God's protective covering over you.  May you forever have knowledge of His deep abiding love for you. 

~ May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God. ~  Ephesians 3:19 (NLT)
Leave us a comment below with your weekend plans.  We would love to hear about them!