Sunday, October 21, 2012

Monday Madness

Renee and I usually seek out to inspire on Mondays.  We are always engaging with our world in a way that allows us to encourage others along their journey.  This Monday will be a bit different, which is why I titled this post, "Monday Madness".

My son came to me weeks ago and told me about a pair of shoes he wanted to buy.  I've learned being the mother of a middle schooler boy, life is all about the sneakers.  I asked the price and he said, "Mom, please just let me buy the shoes."  I again asked the price now realizing that his resistance to answer the question meant they were far out of our price range.  He finally told me he wanted to buy Lebron Hornets.  I still have no idea what that means.

The Lebron Hornets
I simply stated, "If you save your money you can buy whatever shoes you want."  I never knew that on this past Saturday standing in the middle of  Foot Locker, I would have to eat my words.  My son set out on a mission.  He was DETERMINED to buy these shoes.  Since school recently started, he already owned 2 new pair of shoes for the school year.  The shoes he desired would be different, they had a certain SWAGG about them.

He drew up a contract for us to sign. He committed to do different chores around the house for his weekly allowance.  We've been down this road before and usually he defaults on his side of the agreement.

But not this time.  Tyler had a different light in his eyes over these shoes.  I also didn't think he could keep save all the money needed to buy these shoes.  My children have money and will spend it within a week.  He patiently waited, week after week, without spending his allowance.

I announced to my entire house on Friday night, "I'm going shopping tomorrow."  Trust me, this is never fun for my husband when I make this type of announcement.  My son told me, mom I want to go with you.  I laughed because one things my boys despise is shopping.

Sure enough he told me he was ready to buy his shoes.  I couldn't believe it.  His determination and patience allowed him to quickly reach his goal.  He proudly walked into the shoe store and bought his turquoise/teal Lebron Hornets.  I had to bite my tongue because those shoes cost double what I normally pay for his sneakers. He has posted the shoes all over Instagram as a badge of honor.  It is amazing what you can accomplish when you move forward with patience and determination. (Posted by Roslyn)

Q:  What "MAD" purchase have you made lately?


  1. AWESOME!! I remember a similar situation growing up. I desperately wanted to get my ears pierced and my mom wouldn't let me. Finally after another one of my begging session she turned around with a smile and said, "Fine. You can have your ears pierced if you pay for it yourself." She thought I'd never be able to accomplish it. My track record wasn't good up to this point, as money burned through my hands as fast as I earned it. However, much to my mom's chagrin, 10 weeks later I had the money and she took me.

    I also remember how she and my dad used it as a "teachable moment," talking about the art of saving and also how when I set my mind on something I could achieve anything with enough drive and determination.

    Thanks for sharing Roslyn!!!

    1. Dawn,

      Thanks for sharing your personal story. We loved it! Blessings :)


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