Saturday, January 29, 2011

Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to the premiere post of Double Portion Inspiration.  Renee and I are identical twin sisters.  We are mothers, wives, girlfiriends and all around God chicks! 

We love making others laugh or just honestly telling them "how it is". 
We decided to put our inspirational words into a published blog!  We are excited about this new venture.  

We hope you will see or read something that will inspire and motivate you to keep GOING!  Life is crazy, overwhelming and sometimes just a "hot mess".  We choose to focus our thoughts on God, the only one who can truly handle all of our success, failures, emotions and hormones! 


  1. Thanks for setting up the blog. It looks awesome. Let's get ready to change the world!

  2. OMG i seriously LOLed when I read 'hot mess' and 'telling people how it is! =D


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