Saturday, May 7, 2011

Inspiring Advice from Mom

Happy Mother's Day!

Roslyn and I grew up in a home filled with love, friends, and an undeniable love of Christ. We were made to attend church, bible study, and Sunday school.  Learning scriptures was a weekly occurrence along with limited television time, daily chores, and no dates or make up until we were sixteen years old.
Our mother was the foundation of our home.  Eating out was a luxury that we experienced only from time to time because mom made sure our meals were home cooked even though she worked hard as an elementary school teacher.
She inspires us in ways she will never know.  Not only did we thrive by her poignant words of wisdom, she created an environment where others would cling to her.  Our childhood home became a central hub for kids to come by, play and stay for a quick snack or a cool drink in the summer heat.

Although I can’t share all of her advice, here are my top two:
(1)    Never let anything come between you as sisters.
·         She instilled within us a love of family.  We understood the importance of supporting each other.

(2)    I am not your friend….I am your mother.  If by chance we become friends on this journey, count yourself blessed.”
·         This is the BEST advice my mom could have ever given. She recognized that her responsibility as mother came first.  As babies and children, we needed a provider, diaper changer, chef, and teacher.  Friendship was only an added bonus IF and when it came.
I find myself sharing these same words with my daughter just as my mom shared them with me.  Our children need so much more than a friend could ever provide.
I am elated to say that my sister and I are truly friends with our mother.  We laugh, cry, and pray together just as any girlfriends would.  Today mom we salute you!  Leave us a comment and let us know your mom's best advice.  (Posted by Renee)

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