Sunday, November 6, 2011

Monday Morning Inspiration

I recently had a conversation with a young, bright college student.  The student asked me if I ever felt like I was "wasting time".  As the conversation progressed I realized she was wondering-what path do I take.  There are times in our lives when the decisions we make affect us only in a small way.

This student realized that the decsions she is making will impact her future for years to come.  Don't we ALL have moments in our life when we wonder if we are making the right decision.  What job to take/leave, person to marry, when to retire or start a family. Life is a series of choices.

"There may be a thousand little choices in a day. All of them count." ~Dr. Shad  Helmstetter

Don't be discouraged if you feel like you are "wasting time" because of a decision that needs to be made.  Your choices are setting the direction for the rest of your life so CHOOSE WISELY.

Don't be afraid, God offers great encouragement:

"You will see your teacher with your own eyes, and you will hear a voice say, this is the way; turn around and walk here."  (Isaiah 30:21)

Decisions made with God can NEVER be wrong decisions.  (Posted by Roslyn)

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