Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Mother's Day - 2013

Going to the park!
This season of life is busy, crazy, hectic and truly the most exhilarating ride of my life.  I'm talking about being a MOM.  My focus, since becoming a mother, is no longer about me (not an easy transition).  The priority and role I work at the hardest is being a great mom.  The job of being a mom, for me, is not just something I want to do "good".  I really want to excel and be brilliant at this.

I realized quickly that I am not just raising two kids. I'm raising two boys on their way to becoming men.  

I pray daily over them.  I breastfed them. I've cried at their bedside.  I've consoled them when they laid in a hospital bed. I'm in awe of the smells that come from them.  I hate to see them in pain.  I laugh, dance and play with them.  I shirk at their annoying comments to each other.  I scream when they don't listen.  I've sat through hours of baseball so they can see, feel and know I support them.  I secretly enjoy the rare occasion that they will let me kiss them (although NEVER in public).  I seek out those "teachable moments".  I cry when I receive a handmade gift or poem.  I just LOVE being their MOM!

Raising them is one of the greatest joys in my life.  I was made for my boys.  God wired this body to hang out with these boys.  These boys are smart, silly, low maintenance, and keep me extremely active.

I have a huge network of mom friends!  Moms have to stick together to get through the toughest assignment of our life.  No sick days or paid time off.  So on this Mother's Day I honor all those who in some way touch the life of a child.  

A child you birthed, teach in school, take for ice cream, volunteer with or just love because they are in your neighborhood.  It takes a village to raise kids.  Mother's Day is the perfect time to salute this amazing sacrifice. (Posted by Roslyn)



  1. LOVE this post! This mom of three boys appreciates the encouragement!

    1. Kimberley,

      Thanks for your comment. Three boys, WOW! I'm sure your house is a ton of fun!

  2. I read this post earlier from my cell phone but was unable to comment. The role of a mom is so multifaceted, dynamic and at times exhausting. I love how Roslyn says she was made or her boys. I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day.

    1. Hope,

      We both had great Mother's Day celebrations.

      The journey of motherhood is challenging but most rewarding. So happy we are on the journey together!


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