Sunday, February 9, 2014

Roslyn's Truth Moment

There was a weekly sitcom on tv that I used to watch named, "The Game".  The married couple on the show utilized truth moments.  They would tell the truth no matter how much it might hurt their spouse.  They did not want to hide any secrets from one another.  Despite the "juicy" truths they told, the spirit of that episode resonated with me.  The key to success in any relationship is to always tell the truth.

So here it goes, here is my truth moment:

I am judgmental!

on this day - 8 inches of snow

Yes, I realize that many of you walk in this same ugly truth.  I know I'm not alone.

This truth really came into play during a recent trip up north.  I was happy to be traveling to another state BUT had deep concerns about the wicked winter weather.  Sure enough, my flight first thing on Monday, was CANCELLED after a 4am wake up call.  You keep reading the email from the airline hoping it will tell you something different but it didn't.  I went into hysteria because meetings were already planned.  What was I going to do?  After a 5 hour delay, I finally arrived to a sea of white snow.  The precipitation was falling like raindrops in South Florida except it was sticking to the ground and extremely cold.

Days went on and I found myself complaining about so many minor details.  Hailing cabs, trudging through slushy ice, not having earmuffs, not having rain boots, layering on so many clothes, standing on trains, traveling underground with no cell phone reception, heat in buildings but cold outside, there was just NO pleasing me.  I judged the entire city based on only four days of wicked winter weather.

It took a cab driver to help me see the beauty of this city.  On a side note - why is there always a different odor in every cab - UGH!  There was so much to appreciate about this city but I couldn't see it because of my judgmental/preconceived ideas. I thought to myself, "Why do people live up here?"

Although it is not a city I choose to live in, many call it their home.  What was I missing?  Again, all I could see was shovels, ice, people not making eye contact and grey skies.

LEARN before you judge.  I shouldn't turn my nose up at the person who enjoys eating muskrat.  I shouldn't laugh at the person playing a banjo while yelling words I can't understand.  I shouldn't despise the person with a shopping cart full of sugary cereals and candy.  I shouldn't think less of a person who shops at an outlet vs a boutique.  Honesty is never easy!

Although my blog is only written about a city, many of us (me included) make the mistake of judging people, ideologies, religion, music, food, etc. based on our own filtered perceptions. We all live and view life through our own experiences, history, failures and success (filtered wisdom).  If it wasn't for that cab driver, I would have missed out on enjoying one of my greatest trips.
Roslyn joyfully enjoying the view!

Q's:  What, in your own life, do you need to view through the lens of someone else?  Where have you prejudged a situation/person only to be wrong?  What truth moment do you need to have this week?

Politically speaking, accepting people is becoming a hot topic.  We all have room to expand our love and tolerance for others we don't understand. We are on this journey together for a reason.

As you read this, we both can commit to accept life as it is until we learn differently!  Standing in your ugly truth, as I did earlier, helps us equally move towards being a better person.  Don't internally miss out on God's best - because you are looking outside with the wrong lens. (posted by Roslyn)

Every good and perfect give is from above, coming down from the Father… you should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry…James 1:17-19

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