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I know what you are thinking...that's a strong statement.  But whether you want to admit it, people really can be dysfunctional.  You start off as their friend, spouse, child, coworker and then quickly realize that something changes the more you know them.  Don't worry, people think the same about me and you.

We are all human and have the natural propensity to make mistakes.  We say words that offend, don't return a phone call, annoy our sibling, become to busy to invest in a friendship, or even betray a loved one.  The list could go on and on.

No matter who we are, we are ALL a part of the human race.  We cry, breath, love, reason, and feel a myriad of emotions.

How can dysfunctional people be in functional relationships?  

Tough question, but start with realizing that everyone is different.  Don't expect every one to think or always agree with you.  We live in a world full of different races, cultures, political beliefs, traditions and history.  One way is not superior to another way.  Along the journey of life, we will change course many times.  That's why we should be thankful for an abounding measure of grace.

As the song says , "It takes different strokes to rule the world."

Seek to love others through the eyes of God.  Don't see people just as flesh and blood, skin and bones.  See them as spiritual beings in your life for a reason, season or a lifetime.  No matter how hurtful or wonderful your time is with someone, that relationship was given to you for a life lesson.  

Lastly, realize that every human has different levels of capacity.  Think about the different size ziploc bags we use to store items.  Some of us have gallon size personalities and some have pint size capacity.  We are all important but have a different levels of ability to respond, nurture, learn, function and love.  The frustration becomes when your gallon size personality tries to tell your BIG dreams to someone who doesn't share your common goal or initiative as you (pint size).  Don't worry, they just have a DIFFERENT level of capacity.

Through life's ups and downs, relationships can be functional.  Just remember to allow a measure of grace in all of your relationships.  (Posted by Roslyn)

Dysfunctional hair day...but a functional relationship w/my twin!

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