Sunday, December 7, 2014

I Have No Voice

I am sure some may think this a political statement but it isn't.  For the past three days I physically didn't have a voice. A wicked virus affected our entire family.  A sore throat soon catupluled into a bad case of laryngitis.  I knew the only remedy was vocal rest and lots of fluids.

The only problem with that plan, I work in the retail industry and the month of December means me being in stores selling products to consumers as they complete their holiday shopping list.  I had out of town visitors and I greeted them with no voice.  As I met people who were speaking at a normal tone, I just had to smile and point to my vocal chords using sign language to inform them I had no voice.

I had SO much to say during their visit but I physically couldn't. 

No one heard me. 

I could just sit and observe the conversations happening around me.  Honestly, a very humbling experience. We ate lunch and there was normal chatter, dialogue, solutions given to problems and itineraries discussed, but all I could do was listen. 

When I tried to speak, it was only a whisper. People leaned into hear what I was saying.  They would nod their head as if they agreed, but I knew they didn't hear or understand me.  

My boys, on the other hand, enjoyed the silence in the house.  

I couldn't yell my usual messages - "let's go, close that refrigerator, turn off that tv, or go take your bath."  A mom sick and not able to be heard meant kids making up their own rules. 

Thankfully, my voice has slowly returned. I'm still hoarse and sound nasally, but I have a voice. Guess what, so do YOU

Whether politically, in your home, with your siblings or at work, you have a voice. Once you learn how to use that voice, you can evoke change, encourage, teach or articulate problems and resolutions. 

Your voice is powerful. 

As they say, I didn't miss a good thing until it was gone.  I hope you realize the mighty tool and weapon you have all wrapped up within you. But be careful, your voice can also be dangerous if words are spoken with malicious intent. 

A wise proverb eloquently sums it up:  Those who love to talk will experience the consequences, for the tongue can kill OR nourish life.  ~Proverbs 18:21

Choose wisely! (Posted by Roslyn)

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