Sunday, January 11, 2015

Are you keeping your promise to YOU?

We are almost 15 days into this new year.  2015 started with us intentionally making promises to ourselves.

Do some of these sound familiar - improve finances, stop shopping, build an emergency cash fund, spend more time with family, weight loss, better eating, more organization, more exercise, clean out a closet, etc. Whatever it is, just a few short days ago we were fired up and ready to invoke positive change in our lives.


Some of us didn't even keep the promise for a day without falling off the wagon.  Truth moment:  a box of Godiva chocolate that sits in my refrigerator keeps me from keeping my promise.  The sad part for me, I find a way everyday to justify why this little pleasure or distraction won't derail MY success.

Think about it, one little slip up doesn't hurt that much does it?  Well overtime that little slip up, compromise and justification can quickly lead to me gaining 20 pounds. The funny part, at the end of it all I will be wondering, what happened?

Guess what - It's not to late!  Refocus yourself and get serious.  Every time you cheat, justify or compromise you are the one that ends up hurting in the end.  Get back on that wagon, buckle your seat belt and KEEP that promise you made just a few days ago.

I'm so happy that God does NOT handle promises the way I do.  In fact the Bible says:

God is not man, so He does not lie.  He is not human, so He does not change His mind.  Has he ever spoken and failed to act?  Has He ever promised and not carried it through?  Numbers 23:19

God does NOT change.  The essence of who He is never changes. God is unchangeable (hope I'm getting my point across).  The purpose for why you were created does NOT change either.  The details of how you journey to that purpose constantly unfolds but the original assignment (purpose) is immutable.

Think about a GPS, if you take a wrong turn it will quickly reroute you but the destination remains the same.

Start today anew!  Keep that promise, don't lie to yourself anymore and watch how 2015 becomes a year of determination and fortitude.  (Posted by Roslyn)


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