Sunday, May 17, 2015

Being On Time is LATE

We are SO close to the end of another school year.  I can only imagine how every educator, student and school employee must feel because I am beyond ready to start Summer.  I will enthusiastically embrace a more relaxed schedule in my home.

Recently, I was attending an appointment with my older son.  I arrived 7 minutes before the appointment time but noticed that my son was STILL rushing me.  I said, "Jeez Tyler, we are on time" (in my frustrated voice).  His response blew me away.

"Being on time is late mom, being early is being on time."

I had a perplexed stare on my face as he jumped out of the car completely convicted by his statement.  I sat and pondered what he said.  Tyler has always been the child to "rush" me out of the house when he knew he needed to be somewhere.  I am thankful to be raising a son that values TIME.  After that statement, I understand the hurry he has before any appointment, school day or practice.

PREPARATION will one day meet opportunity.  If you value what's most important and prepare with the God given talent you possess, that my dear friends will lead to SUCCESS on this journey.

It's fun to see how the spoken words of our kids can be so profound.  (Posted by Roslyn)

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