Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Scenery

Summer is officially here.  Many of us enjoy having longer days, no schedules and lighter traffic on the roadways when school is out.  There is value in taking time to rest, especially in our culture that repeatedly says, "keep going".  Rest is how the body is renewed and refreshed to tackle what comes next.

I recently went on a trip with my family and although it was a short 2 days it was one of the most memorable experiences.  It doesn't take much for us - sand, water, sun and we are in our happy place as a family.

But, this time was different.  We were surrounded by people with the exact same agenda as us - REST. They were people who have demanding jobs but realize the need to just get away.  When that happens, everyone senses are down and you start to unplug.

I walked around with people willing to say, "good morning".  In our land of rush and hurry, you barely find anyone wanting to say "hello".  Everywhere we ate or walked a conversation would arise.  It was nice to connect and feel a sense of community with other families.

Renee and I wish all of you a safe Summer.  Don't be afraid to let your senses down and just relax.  This hectic world will continue to function even when you take a few days for yourself.

Set your intention on planning that trip.  

Don't compromise if something pops up to distract you from taking that vacation.  Trust me, you won't regret it. (posted by Roslyn)

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