Sunday, September 13, 2015

My Worst Nightmare Came True

What happens when your worst nightmare comes true!

One of my worst nightmares came true - the air conditioner being broke in August.  Do you realize how hot it is in August? I'm pretty sure this is every Floridians nightmare.  It's amazing how fast your house can heat up when you don't have on the AC.  The temperature in our home reached 90 degrees.  Your body is drained and you can't move because you are so lethargic from the heat.

The worst part, I made five service calls about the same problem.  I ended up not having air for almost six days. heard me, six days.  As they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  My AC is back on and now I thank God everyday for something that I so easily took for granted.  Once fixed, the house took 4 hours to return to a normal temperature of 77 degrees.

During the process of having my AC fixed a pipe in my ceiling burst (who knew water pipes were in your ceiling).  This left us with 2 holes in our roof as the technician tried to "find" the broken pipe.  As you can imagine, I was already steaming about my AC not working but now I had to explain to the hubby how we needed to pay for new drywall - not a great situation.
One of the holes in the ceiling

At the end of the day, MISTAKES happen.  

We make them, we deal with them and we must forgive them.  It's a part of life because we are ALL perfectly imperfect people.

I could have spent so much time being angry but that wasn't aiding in my AC being fixed.  I intentionally chose to stay calm (scream on the inside) and professional as I patiently dealt with the "person" creating this mess in my home.

Your loved ones or coworkers might be the culprit of a "mistake" happening right now in your life.  Don't be so quick to slap a label on them or consider them a "lost cause" because of that ONE mistake.  Mistakes don't define who we are - learn from it and MOVE on. (Posted by Roslyn)

James 3:2 ~ "We all stumble in many ways..."

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