Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cast A Net

Have you ever been fishing? 

I am always intrigued by those that will stand for hours (usually in the hot sun) hoping to get a fresh catch.  Fishing is such a gamble and requires a ton of patience.  You wait for the perfect time, pick the perfect location, choose a bait, cast your line, and then wait for a bite. Finally, comes the moment of hooking the fish and reeling it in.
The thrill of reeling in those fish far outweigh the time and patience it takes to perfect this sport.  In South Florida you will find people fishing almost anywhere (a pier, canal, lake, etc.).  I  honestly find it easier to go to my local grocery store and buy that "fresh catch" of the day.  I love being able to reap the reward of someone else hard work.

God offers a way for us to "cast" our cares on Him.  Oftentimes, we try to do life alone. Away from the wisdom and guidance of our Creator-that's risky!  A perfect price was paid for us to be free and we can reap the reward of peace and clarity in our lives.

Here's a news flash:  We are NOT more capable than God. 

God offers us the perfect solution.  I Peter 5:7 simply states, "Casting all your care upon him; for he cares for you."  The great, big God of the universe, that holds the stars in the skies and allows the sun to rise and set each day cares for YOU!  Let that thought soak in.  Much like the fisherman that cast their line, we can cast ALL our cares on God.  Throw him everything in your life and in return He promises to care for you.  Thankfully, in this process there is NO risk involved. 

This week try it-Throw God your fears, frustrations, finances, worries, health, children and trust the fact that He is powerful enough to handle it.  Don't limit His power by taking matters into your own hands.
"How great is our Lord! His power is absolute!" (Psalm 147:5) Posted by Roslyn

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