Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Life Disrupted

A week ago my life was interrupted and it only took seconds........

It started out as a regular Sunday. This particular morning, my son kept complaining of a belly ache but I didn't know why. Suddenly he hiccupped and I knew within my gut that he was getting sick to his stomach. To avoid a disaster over the rug, I ran him into the kitchen.

I slipped and in a split second, I was on the floor face down yelling for my husband.

The pain radiating from my face and foot brought me to tears. Kneeling down next to me was my baby boy. He was in my arms when I fell and the incident caused him to scream uncontrollably.

I was helpless. In that moment I was dependent on someone else. I could not help my son or myself.

When you are an independent person, it is hard to find yourself in a place where you must depend on others. Why did this have to happen now? I didn't have time for this in my life. Didn't God know I was a wife, mom, successful career woman, community and church volunteer along with training for a half-marathon? It's hard to believe that less than 24 hours before, I was supporting my husband in the hospital as he made the difficult decision to withdraw his father from life support.

Here I was, the very next day in the same hospital, except now my husband was wheeling me around in the emergency room for CAT scans and x-rays. All things considered, I would live; just with a black eye and broken toe. During the days that followed the accident, I reflected on the timing and reason why this happened.

  • I realized that it was a divine way of forcing me to rest.

For some he may allow a cold/flu, a weakend immune system, or a temporary injury to bring forth a season of relaxation and restoration. I would often hear my mom and sister tell me to slow down, but honestly, I wasn't really listening to their gentle words of advice. In my mind, God had equipped me with endurance for each movement through my life journey.

  • In my world, I could do it all.

Our bodies are not meant to endure seven days of rigourous schedules. When God created the world, on the seventh day he rested. It was the ultimate example of how He wants us to schedule our daily lives. Genesis 2:2 shares that on the seventh day of creation, God finished his work and rested from ALL his creation.

  • When was the last time you allowed your mind, body and soul to rest?

Find time to slow down and enjoy God's beauty and plan for your life. Reflect on the many blessings that he provides. Start TODAY! Observe the picture above while taking in a deep breath. Imagine yourself laying on the hammock beautifully nestled between the two palm trees. The warm breeze tenderly brushes across your face and toes. Hear the ocean waves crashing against the shore while you slowly close your eyes and take a catnap.

My prayer is that this will inspire you to take a day each week to rest from ALL your activity. Stay inspired! (Posted by Renee)

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