Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Train Hard!

This is the time of the year for kids to head back to school. For those of us who live in South Florida we have about 2 weeks until the start of school. If you have kids you know that means buying supplies, uniforms, and shoes to get our little ones ready for a successful school year.

As a mom of 2 boys I am constantly buying sneakers. On my last visit to the Nike store I saw this poster and was intrigued. Both of my boys play baseball and the last thing they want to do is lose. The thrill of winning is what keeps you coming back to the game. The funny thing is, sometimes the amount of time spent practicing really sucks! It is August in Florida and sitting at a 3 hour practice on a Saturday morning is NO fun at all. My boys quickly learned "how you practice will be how you play" ~Tyjuan Rice

Now for the life lesson: How are you practicing at the game of life?

We are all on a life long journey but it is interesting to find so many people not practicing or building muscles to prepare themselves for the "game" we call life. Here are a few ways to prepare:

1. Don't live life ruled by emotions
Many of the decisions or mistakes we make are because we allow our emotions to "rule" us. Step back, take a deep breath and think intentionally. Usually the decision you make after you have cooled down and prayed will be the right decision.

2. Shh, it's time to think
Our world moves at a fast pace. We are receiving information constantly from social media, news, email, and text messages. We need to spend time alone reflecting on the events of our life. We don't want to go around the same mountain two and three times because we didn't learn our lesson from the beginning. Slow down and think! Allow God to speak His will into your life.

3. Your words have power
You hear your voice more than any one else, so stop being negative about yourself and others. Declare that you are strong, intelligent and not weak willed and desolate. The words you speak and the thoughts you think, will soon become your reality. Think and speak positively!

Training is not always fun. But the reality is that storms WILL show up in your life. Life's interruptions come in many ways like death of a loved one, negative health report, loss of a job, etc. You want to be prepared. Remember losing is the hard part, but God has already declared we are winners! (Posted by Roslyn)

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