Sunday, April 22, 2012


Renee and TyJuan celebrating with the family!
 Who doesn't love to party?  This past weekend was filled with celebrations.  My youngest son (Joshua) is now 7 years old.  Thankfully, my kids are the only ones getting older in my house.  I usually stress out trying to find a place to have his party, who to invite, what food to eat, etc.  This year I asked Joshua, "What do you want for your birthday?"  He quickly replied, "I want my family to come see me."

How precious!  He wasn't concerned about balloons, gifts (although he REALLY wanted an electric scooter) or a list of kids to invite.  He just wanted his family to celebrate with him.

Dinner at Brimstone Restaurant!
My mom and sister eagerly agreed when I told them about the birthday boy's request.  Our weekend was filled with fun, laughter, surprises and tons of food.  My mommy heart is so thankful for these precious moments because the years slip by so quickly.

As you start a new week:  What can YOU celebrate

It can be an anniversary, birthday or upcoming graduation.  Or it could simply be a celebration of life, health and happiness.  There is nothing like ice cream to celebrate straight A's on a report card or choosing not to procrastinate on a project.  Whatever it is find, a way to think positive and then celebrate! (Posted by Roslyn) 


  1. Nice post and lovely pictures! This week I'm celebrating finishing my first 5K:-)

  2. Hope,

    Congrats on your 1st 5K! That is so exciting. Sounds like your are ready for a half marathon.


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