Thursday, July 12, 2012

Restaurant Review

Steak 954-W Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale
 Renee and I share a passion for food.  Most nights you will find the both us at home cooking dinner or on the phone talking about the most recent yummy recipe we prepared.  She often shares her cooking recipes with our readers.

For a fun Friday twist I decided to review a restaurant.  A surprise trip from my husband to the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale landed us at Steak 954.  We had previously dined at the restaurant before for lunch.  The dinner was a completely different experience.

You walk in Steak 954 and you are instantly mesmerized by the 2000 gallon jellyfish tank.  It is the centerpiece of the restaurant.  The atmosphere was lively and surprisingly full of customers, for what is normally called the "off season".  Nakisha, our waitress, was knowledgeable and helped guide every decision of our 4 course meal.  From the selection of our wine to the dessert at the end of the meal, her expertise did not disappoint.

Ty and I next to the jellyfish tank
 I enjoyed the fact that we were not rushed through our meal.  We were allowed precious time to enjoy a romantic dinner over candlelight.  Since it is a steakhouse, we chose a wet aged 12oz filet for our entree.  It is cooked at 700 degrees and prepared to perfection.  It tasted like butter, melting in your mouth.  We paired our filet with a truffle potato gratin and Felino Malbec from South America.  I didn't have room for dessert but Nakisha insisted we try the pastry chef's peach cobbler.  Presented in a cute ramekin, it was moist and delectable (topped with vanilla bean ice cream and sea salt).

I had a wonderful experience at Steak 954.  We were surrounded by 6 different servers and mesmerizing jellyfish.  So now it's your turn.   Leave us a comment and tell us about your favorite restaurant.

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