Sunday, July 22, 2012

You Never Forget Your First

As many of you know, I spend many hot days and nights on baseball fields.  My son plays travel baseball and it is a year round sport.  The absolute worst time to play outside is in the middle of July.  The weather is hot, stale and humid.  But as a parent, you sacrifice your comfort to cheer them on and be their biggest fan.

This week we played a tournament in West Palm Beach.  I went to this park many times before but this time held a special memory.  When I decided to run my half marathon last November, the first placed I started to train was at Okeeheelee Park. I hadn't been back to the park since last year.  

It is a beautiful park that has hiking trails, hills, boat dock, tennis, baseball and soccer fields.  This free park is wonderful entertainment for the whole family, including your pets (they also have a dog park).

Walking through the trails again this past week helped me remember the exhilarating feeling of training for my first half marathon.  Training consumed my every thought.  It was an extreme and scary goal (13.1 miles).  After many long and hard weeks of training, I achieved my goal and crossed the finish line.

When was the last time you had a first?

St. Pete, FL Women's Half Marathon
Do you set goals in your life? Are you stuck feeling complacent, always going with the status quo? 

 I hope this blog post inspires you to set a first goal that challenges your body, mind and spirit.  Don't think inside the same box all the time.  Dare to dream differently.  

A new proposal at work, a first serious relationship commitment or even the first time becoming a volunteer.  Whatever it is try to find something new and let it become your FIRST

Leave us a comment and let us know about a recent FIRST. (Posted by Roslyn)

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