Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fun Black Friday

Many of us did a great job yesterday "gobbling" as much turkey as we could for Thanksgiving dinner.  The holiday season is officially here.  Today, kicks off one of the biggest selling days of the year.  Many people will line up, dash in and save tons of money.

Here are  few Black Friday Survival tips:

    • Start researching online, in the newspaper and also your mailbox.  Review what the average price is for the item you really want, and then see what stores has the lowest price.  Most retailers also have free shipping this time of year.  No need to stand in a long line, have it delivered right to your front door.
    • You do not need to go into a huge amount of debt this Christmas.  Make a plan, set a budget and stick to it.  You will find some of the lowest prices of the year.  NEVER buy anything regular price! The savings are plentiful this year as retailers try to persuade and woo you into their stores.  That HOT item you want will be on sale in a few weeks/months, just wait.
    • This is not the time to bring along the kids.  You will be standing in long lines and maybe dealing with some rude customers.  Having the kids in tow will annoy you and shorten your time in the store.  Get a babysitter and head to the mall (kidless)!
    • Make sure to pack food and water.  You will get hungry, time will go quickly and you want to be prepared.  I suggest quick and easy treats like pretzels, almonds or a granola bar.

Whatever you decide to do this holiday (shop in stores or shop online), have fun and remember the reason for this season.  HAPPY SHOPPING!! (Posted by Roslyn)

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