Sunday, November 25, 2012

Man/Middle Schooler in the Mirror

My oldest son is in middle school (7th grade).  Does anything really prepare you to deal with middle school boys? I remember classes to get  me ready for childbirth and infant care.  But there is nothing to help me deal with my soon to be teenage son.

For instance, it is getting close to Christmas and I don't have a clue what to buy as a gift for him.  It used to be so easy to run into Toys R Us and buy Legos or a new truck but not anymore.

One thing I've learned over these past two years, is that middle school boys love-girls, sneakers and mirrors.  Once they realize that a "girl" might be interested in them, they spend a countless amount of time looking in the mirror.  They also spend and save their money to buy expensive sneakers that match every outfit. By the way, his hearing is also not the same as it used to be.  I need to ask 2-3 times for anything to get accomplished.  Anyway, I could go on...

As we grow older, our time spent in the mirror is not as long as when we were in middle school.  We glance at ourselves but never take a deep long stare to see who is looking back at us.  As women, we put on concealer, foundation and other makeup to hide our blemishes.

But what about the deeper scars that no one sees.  

How do we cover those up?  How do we hide the hurt of our past or heal the broken heart that needs to be mended inside of us.

This world is filled with people not living authentically.  We put on a mask to cover up how we really feel.  We use words to be "politically correct" and tip toe around what we really want to say so that we don't offend someone else.  This cover up mentality invades every part of our society.  Think about it, who can you really trust anymore?

Take a few moments over the next couple of days-look, stare and examine yourself in the mirror.  After you finish seeing every hair that is out of place or wrinkle that just popped up on your face, you will realize the person staring back has a purpose to live out.  You might not like or agree with everything you see, but you are a unique creation.  No one compares to you! (Posted by Roslyn)

This week be inspired to live honestly.

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