Sunday, March 31, 2013

Are you AWARE?

I move at a fast pace!  I wake up, head to the gym, shuffle kids out of bed and then off to school.  My work day begins and after work, most nights, I head to a baseball field.  At some point throughout the day I find time to sleep and cook.  I know I am in a "hectic" season of life.  My boys have their own social calendar and until they can drive, my husband and I are their chauffeurs.

 One of the highlights of my week (aside from watching my kids play baseball) is my Saturday morning yoga.  I share a private instructor with a few ladies from my community.  This yoga class is a treat for me.  Many Saturday appointments try to take that 8 am spot, but I discipline myself to do something enjoyable just for me.

I enter the dim lit room and can smell the peppermint oil burning to create an instant calming presence.  My crazy rush mode to get to the class (I sometimes wake up late) quickly disappears.  I walk in and move slower enjoying the fragrance as I see my instructor sitting calmly on the floor.  One of my greatest take aways is how FAST I move through each day.  At times, I even try and rush through yoga because if it's Saturday - I'm usually needed on a baseball field.

Can you imagine sitting and spending 10 minutes just to breath deep and become aware of how you feel with each inhalation and exhalation?  You become aware of where your body is "tight" or "congested".  Her favorite saying is, "Listen to the quiet whispers of your body before they become raging screams."

The body has an amazing way to heal itself, if only we were aware or listening to it.  What do you do when you start to have a scratchy throat or runny nose (quiet whisper)?  Do you start the process of resting or do you just ignore it until you are flat on your back so sick you can't move (raging scream)?

We must become aware of our head space as we move throughout each day!  

How are you feeling - angry, sad, happy, depressed, optimistic or negative?  Becoming aware of our moods, thoughts and pains will help us avoid challenging situations. No need to visit the desk of your annoying co-worker if you are not in your "happy week".  Become aware of your health, financial and spiritual needs.

  • CHALLENGE #1- Spend moments each day this week becoming aware of YOU!  How are you sitting (are sitting up straight or slumping over)?  What are you eating?  How many hours of sleep do you get in a day?  What is your mood?  Are you productive or procrastinating?  Did you really need to buy that new pair of shoes if you are drowning in debt?

  • CHALLENGE #2 - Next time you are at a stop light don't check email, send a text, talk on the phone or scan through Facebook.  Sit alone with your thoughts becoming aware of what is around you. It won't be easy but you can do it!

I think you will be surprised what your body will tell you when you are AWARE! (Posted by Roslyn)


  1. Such a great post (as usual). You are one busy mama. When we make a conscious decision to become aware, it's only then we can hear those quiet whispers. I'm challenged to also become more aware. Thank you for this timely reminder.

    1. Hope, thanks for your support of our blog. Staying engaged in the moment and focused is a priority for our well being.


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