Sunday, June 16, 2013

This week I...

Tyler and Roslyn
This week I become the mom of a teenager.  I'm just not sure what to expect.  I am certain every parent has felt this way as they enter:


I have an amazing son, but I've been warned that this can change.  I just pray his loving foundation keeps him grounded and focused on chasing after his God given goals and dreams.  I often speak about how fast these years have flown by. I only get this ONE chance with him to succeed in parenting.  I don't want to fail at the most precious job I have.

Here I sit with a child at the crossroads of leaving childhood and entering into becoming an adult.  This past week my boys were able to attend Vacation Bible School (VBS).  The theme was, "Stand Strong For God."  That is my deepest desire and prayer that he will always stand strong for God, even when it is not popular.  Our world is moving fast and the foundation we lay for our kids will help them navigate through life's ups, downs and even the turbulent teenage years.

I will always be his greatest and loudest cheerleader.  I will always run on his journey alongside him.  I love the moments when we just talk.  I'm starting to think he talks to his dad more so the carved out times I have with him are just precious.  During those conversations I try to listen, not judge and let him do all the talking (not so easy for me).  I want to be emotionally and physically present in my son's life.  That means I must put down the phone, turn off the computer and find a way to connect with him on his level.  Remember, I only have one chance at this mom thing so:

Happy 13th Birthday to Tyler!

And of course, Happy Birthing Day to me.  If you are a mom of a teenager, what's your advice to me?  Leave me a comment on Facebook, Twitter or the blog and let me know.  (Posted by Roslyn)


  1. I'm not a mother but I'm 23 and ofcourse not to long ago I use to be a teenager. One thing I wish my mom would have connected with me more on a friendship level sometimes, and give me a little space to make my own mistakes. She didn't allow me to do anything that she thought would get me in trouble. So I found myself sneaking to teen clubs and etc. So my advice is to be more open to be your son friend and mother so he can always feel comfortable to come to you with any and everything. Without having to feel alone or sneak around ....

  2. Anonymous,

    Thanks for the very open and honest advice. It's so refreshing to hear words from a young adult. As parents we always want to protect our babies. It's hard letting go but we understand it's necessary. Blessings!


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