Sunday, August 25, 2013

Why are you slacking?



I know I usually wait until the end of the post to ask my thoughtful question.  Today, I wanted to put it as my opening statement.  Summer is here and I realize that I easily fall into a "lazy" routine.  When my boys are in school, my other name is drill sergeant.  The rigid routine we have to follow leaves very little room for error.  Over Summer - that rigid schedule cheerfully goes out the window.

I was recently sitting on my couch wondering, why I was being so LAZY. I'd spent numerous hours watching tv...mindless tv that had nothing to offer except a bellowing, out loud type of laugh.  As the day came to a close I was mad that I didn't exercise, clean, grocery shop, made a few calls or accomplished anything on my "to-do list".  I know we've all experienced days like this. Occasionally, they are okay.  But if we continue in that rut - it will soon become our habit and a lazy new behavior is formed.

Have you ever asked for more?  A new position at work, new house, new shoes, a child, better paying job or a healthier body.  Before we put in our request for something larger, we need to ask ourselves:

Why am I slacking in what God has already given me?

Come on, tell the truth - many times we are asking for more when we haven't been diligent with what God has already blessed us with.  In fact, in our deceived minds, we can feel that we aren't even blessed because our current situation is painful.

Pain is just weakness leaving the body.  
Never fear when you experience it, you are just growing stronger.

My son used to always ask for more food before he even finished what was on his plate.  His theory was that he wanted to pile it all up for himself before his brother asked for more.

Why should God give you more when you aren't properly investing now?  I'm not just talking about money either.  Each of us HAS a purpose!  Even if you feel you were conceived as a "mistake", you have purpose.  Everything God creates is good and purposeful.

Let me clarify further:  Don't pray to constantly lose weight when you won't SHUT your mouth and stop eating foods that destroy vs heal.  Harsh but true words.

Here's another example:  Why do you keep praying for the same result when God has already given you an answer.  You are just choosing not to obey because you will be taken out of your comfort zone. Don't ask for more time in the day when you are the one that can't manage/budget their time wisely.

Everyday is a gift, that's why it's called the PRESENT.

A spirit of excellence and purpose must always be our driving forces.  Think about your current situation - Are you slacking?  Move forward in what God has ALREADY given you.  Stand in your TRUTH no matter how ugly it can be.  Be inspired to intentionally take the NEXT step. (Posted by Roslyn)

Take a lesson from the ants you lazybones.  Learn from their ways and be wise! ~Proverbs 6:6

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