Sunday, November 24, 2013

Check Your Luggage

I've recently been spending time in airports traveling.  It can be one of the most stressful experiences, especially if your luggage doesn't fit.  Those overhead bins can become very tiny once all the bags start piling into them.  I just sit and wonder, what do they have in all those bags?  Backpacks, shoppers, totes, briefcases, laptop cases and handbags - we as travelers, are carrying around a ton of "stuff".

I can't exclude myself from the equation because my handbag is heavy.  Anyone who picks it up says, "What is in here?"  I get so embarrassed because I literally have everything but the kitchen sink in my handbag. Two wallets, two cellphones, checkbook, coupons, mascara, mirror, makeup, lotion, hand sanitzer, pain medicines, tissue, comb, mints, gum, business cards, sunglasses and over 20 different lipstick/glosses - YIKES!!!  All the years that women carry around that stuff and we wonder why we suffer with low back pain and shoulder discomfort.

Why do we need all that STUFF?

Freedom comes when we rid ourselves of waste.  I feel so productive when I clean out old clothes from my closet, recycle junk mail or organize my cabinets.  When we delete items, we free up time to focus our energy elsewhere.

Why buy more clothes/shoes, when the closet is full?  

When you have a goal or vision, you can't hold onto the past or allow your past to hold you.  The past with its hurt and pain can be draining. Looking back waste time.  You need all the strength, fortitude and vitality to pursue and press forward to your dreams.

We are moving into the holiday season.  At some upcoming gathering, you will be surrounded by people from your past. Maybe you haven't seen them in a long time.  On the other hand, they might be friends or family that you see all the time.

In fact, they could be constantly dependent on you.  You are the one that bails them out when life goes wrong for them.  You pride yourself on being their savior, but in fact your are enabling a codependent behavior.  There is a fine line between helping and enabling.  Helping someone can quickly move down a slippery slope to that person consistently needing you and your resources.

People need to be deleted or removed when they become distracting to your purpose.  

Those "heavy weights" burden you down and eventually will suffocate you.  Ask God for wisdom on what relationships need to stay and which ones need to go.  Free yourself of clutter before you enter a new year (2014).  Stop being emotionally connected to your clutter, dysfunction and drama.  Whether it is people, habits or negative thoughts, don't allow them to occupy your head space. (Posted by Roslyn)

Look around, the person in the airport with the least amount of stress, is usually the person carrying the least amount of luggage. 

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