Thursday, November 21, 2013



We are a week away from Black Friday.  This is the biggest shopping day of the season.  Many Thanksgiving holidays are remembered for delicious food and gathering of family.  But for many of us, we see the Thanksgiving holiday as a time to SHOP.

Over the past two years I've written great tips on How To Survive Black Friday.  One tip is to stick to your budget and come prepared with your list.  Many retailers are opening on Thanksgiving (Ex. Macy's opens at 8pm on Thanksgiving Day) to give shoppers every opportunity to spend money and cash in on special priced doorbusters.

What is an item you plan to buy on Black Friday? 

Flat screen tv, new laptop or maybe an $8.00 toaster.  Whatever it is, start planning now.  Have a ton of patience, it's a jungle out there. (Posted by Roslyn)

Happy Shopping!

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