Thursday, December 5, 2013


It is finally here - our 40th birthday! 

Renee and I did our own little countdown last night as we moved closer to December 6th.  I asked my mom, "How did you feel 40 years ago?" She responded, I was in PAIN.

As we promised, we our revealing our photos.  We are ecstatic about showing them to you.  Thanks for taking time this week to journey down memory lane with us.  Each and every step, Renee and I wanted to engage our readers, family and friends in our birthday celebration.

We love all the text, thumbs up, cards, hugs and genuine well wishes.  We pray, in some small way, we've inspired you to go BIG or go HOME on your next birthday.  (Posted by Roslyn)

Glasses up in a toast to the twins turning 40!  CHEERS!

We loved the vintage suitcase that our photographer let us borrow from his parents!


Our fun & edgy shot!

We looked at each other and reminded ourselves of all we've overcome!


Our photographer found a beautiful 1960's tandem bike for us to use!

We find a way to have fun no matter what!

God is awesome!

Help us celebrate our birthday.  We're having a party on Facebook!  We want to get 400 likes on our page for our 40th birthday.  It will be a great gift!  So jump on over and like our page.
(Posted by Renee & Roslyn)


  1. I loved loved loved all of your posts and the excitement leading up to your birthdays. I didn't get a chance to comment, but the pictures are so gorgeous! What a wonderful way to celebrate.


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