Sunday, July 13, 2014

Monday Inspiration...BELIEVE

It's Monday!  The Summer is moving quickly and back to school supplies are already appearing in stores.  Before we know it, Christmas will be here and we will be ringing in a new year.

As time moves and doesn't allow us to "get off" and catch up with it, we must remain focused on intentional actions.  Not just mundane but an intentional plan to have a greater impact in the world around us.

When was the last time you told someone that you BELIEVE in them?  You believe in their dreams, abilities and have confidence in who they are as a person.  We've all heard negative words spoken over us.  Growing up, children at school called you names.  Employers dumb down your abilities to a performance score or rating.  You even start to agree with the negative label that might have been placed on you during childhood.  You wear that label, positive or negative, as a banner or badge of honor.

Truth Moment:  It's never about what you are called, it's all about what you answer to!

Let's start a revolution to intentionally become people builders.  That means, using our words intentionally to build up, lift and encourage another person in our life.  We have the greatest impact on our family - so we can start with them.  Find positive words to let them know you BELIEVE in them.  

Believe in others more than they believe in themselves.  Be fueled by the passion of where they are going and not the circumstance they are in today.

Let's do it - full of belief in someone other than ourselves.  We will shift from being internally focused to being focused on the needs of others. (Posted by Roslyn)

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