Sunday, August 17, 2014

Stay Calm!

This has become a popular saying - STAY CALM I'm turning 40, STAY CALM I'm fabulous, STAY CALM and stay strong, STAY CALM I'm a kindergartner, etc.  The list goes on and on...

My boys and I spent last week together before they head off to school on Monday.  Each day we did an activity to get them organized and prepared for a successful year in 4th and 9th grade.  We now are parents of a high schooler and the rigor of his classes will be a transition in his freshman year.

On last Thursday, I wanted us to spend time creating some personal goals.  The boys each came up with robust goals for themselves, and I know they have the creative and academic ability to reach those goals.  I was inspired by a dear friend to set a goal for myself - STAY CALM.  My kids are getting to the age where they are testing their own independence and I want to learn NOT to freak out about every decision.

Interestingly enough when my friend told me to try and stay calm this school year, within minutes she received a photo of her son's new haircut and I had to offer her the same advice she had just given me - STAY CALM.

Making choices and dealing with the success or failure of those decisions is how we learn.  I want to make life "easy" because they are my kids but that won't teach them any life lessons.  Four short years and the oldest will be heading to college.  Critical thinking skills will be valuable for him.  So, as with any new school year, it will have it's twist and turns but I'm committed to just STAY CALM!  Simply because I know, God is in control. (Posted by Roslyn)

Q:  What's your personal goal for this new school year?

Cast all your anxiety on God because He cares for you. ~I Peter 5:7

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