Sunday, March 25, 2012

March Madness

How many NCAA basketball games can one person watch?  My husband is glued to the tv during this time of year.  He is a huge basketball fan.  March brings an avid basketball enthusiast great joy having so many options of games to watch.

I find the entire process complicated to follow.  If you are following it closely you find it a challenge to keep up with the scores and highlights of every game.  The games, brackets, and schedules can all be confusing as 68 teams compete in a single elimination game.  Talk about pressure, one game to play, win and advance to the next round.  These college teams and fans feel the frenzy, exhilaration and a myriad of emotions during the month of March.

So who will win it all-Louisville or Kentucky?  

The Elite 8 narrow down to the Final Four and finally a National Champion rises to the top.

During the games you can see mothers, coaches, family and fans with so many different feelings.  Some are crying and others are roaring in thunderous applause as their team makes the winning shot as the buzzer goes off.  The highs and lows, ups and downs, victory and defeat are all reasons for a college ball enthusiast to fall in love with the madness of March tournaments.

As I was watching (I love cheering for my Florida Gators), I realized how many emotions we go through in life, sometimes in one day.  We can be anxious, calm, frustrated, upset, happy, depressed, joyful, and hopeless.  How can we handle so many different emotions?  The different seasons of our life will also bring about changes in how we feel.  Here's what I've learned:

  • Don't be live life ruled by your emotions
Emotions are not trustworthy.  Just because you feel "unloved" doesn't mean that no one loves you.  YOU can't handle all your different emotions but GOD can!
"God is a safe place to hide, ready to help when we need him." ~Psalm 46:1(MSG)
  • Know your triggers
Is it a situation or person that constantly "sets" you off?  If the answer if yes, realize that you need to find a way to distance yourself (physically or emotionally) from your "triggers".  Certain situations are out of our control, but we can allow God to manage our emotions through prayer.  Take time to walk away, breath and stay calm.  Once harmful words come out you can't take them back and the damage is done.  Think before you speak!
  • Shift your focus
Stop dwelling on the negative aspects of life.  What you focus on will expand in value.  The more you focus on a problem the bigger it will become.  Choose to think differently.   
"...Set your sights on the realities of Heaven.."  ~Colossians 3:1(NLT)

Let's see who will win in New Orleans, the Madness continues...(Posted by Roslyn)


  1. During my recent visit to Philly I attended an NBA game and found myself going thru many of the emotions you described. Leaving the game upset because Boston lost. Reality is I am not a Boston fan. My husband and I began to laugh when he reminded me he had to beg me to go to the game.
    At that very moment all my energy was shifted due to one game. Then shifted again as I laughed....

    1. Anonymous,

      Thanks for sharing your story. It aligns perfectly with our post. We are very happy you took an opportunity to join in on the fun with your husband. Have a great week!


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