Friday, May 11, 2012


"Quiet" is my 9 year old daughter's first poem.  She wrote it as part of a school assignment.  It's a beautiful use of words and I wanted to share it during Mother's Day weekend.  Enjoy and Happy Mother's Day!


Quiet is like no other sound.
One sound that can't be heard.

Quiet is like watching a ballerina dance across the floor.

Quiet is when a chick hatches or a baby takes their first step.

Quiet is a baby saying their first word.

Quiet is a flower blooming and a tree stretching to the heavens.

Quiet is a hike by Niagara Falls.

Written by H. Scott

(Posted by Renee)


  1. I love it. It's so profound and so true. Those are the moments we stop get quiet and really take it all in.

    1. Thanks Dawn! We appreciate you compliment.


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