Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thumbs Up Blessing

Yesterday, I finally got a chance to run.  I hadn't run in over a week because South Florida was soaked with consistent rain.  In that small amount of time it felt harder than ever to push myself to run again.

As I was running a cyclist passed by, looked at me and gave me "the finger" (thumbs up).  He also yelled to me, "keep  going"!  It seems so small and insignificant.  But, with sweat pouring from every part of my body I felt a fresh wind of encouragement.  It was something so tiny but it came at just the right time.

As we head into the weekend, you try it.  Try to encourage someone in a small way.  

A thumbs up, a smile, a gentle hello, or just sincere eye contact.  You never know how meaningful it will be in that person's life.  It might come at just the right time.  Leave us a comment or tweet about your "thumbs up blessing".  Have a great weekend!

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