Sunday, June 24, 2012

Miami Heat Madness!

Let's go Heat!
Congratulations to the 2012 NBA Championship Team-The Miami Heat!

The city of Miami is electric and pulsating after the big win last Thursday night.  Players and fans partied until the wee hours of the morning to celebrate the illustrious victory.  Fans are waiting in lines for hours at sporting good stores trying to get their hands on Heat gear.  Championship teams aren't made overnight and the Heat organization learned that the hard way.

After the big announcement last year that the most polarizing figure in basketball, Lebron James, would join the Heat all eyes looked for the Heat to be national champions in 2011.  That dream never became a reality.  The Heat lost in the 2011 NBA Finals to the Dallas Mavericks.  Lebron James felt humiliated that he couldn't make good  on his promise to the Miami fans.  He spent weeks, after the 2011 NBA Finals, in his room, not shaving and with no energy to get out of bed.  "I had hit rock bottom" said Lebron James.

The 2012 NBA series finally opened after a three month delay on December 25th, 2011.  It would be a shortened season but the Heat again had their eyes set on winning the coveted national title.  Lebron looked only to himself to work harder and be a better player.  He made the choice not to play the game with hate for his critics but with love for the game.

The difference became evident in Game 5 on last Thursday night.  He played with a hunger almost like a lion ready to go in for the kill.  The Heat dominated over the OKC Thunder winning 121-106.  The jubilant Lebron left the game with only minutes left in the 4th quarter.  He was named the 2012 NBA Finals MVP.  After nine years in the professional NBA he can finally say, he is a champion.

Lebron James-2012 MVP
One of my favorite quotes from Lebron James (aka King James), "The best thing that happened to me last year was us losing the Finals."

Sometimes in life, the biggest loss sets us up and positions us for the biggest victory in our life.  So bring on the celebration and ticker tape parade.  The Miami Heat madness continues! (Posted by Roslyn)

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