Sunday, June 3, 2012

Players Became Champions

Who would ever think we could win it all?

Let's Go Bengals!
I am so proud of my son's  travel baseball  team (PPO Bengals Orange).  Our team planned for months to travel to Disney (ESPN Wide World of Sports) for Memorial Day weekend.  We spent days and countless hours fundraising to pay for the hotel accommodations and new uniforms.
Watching the action!

The boys spent numerous time with practices, trainers and scrimmages.  We finally get to the end of a grueling Spring season. They make it to the playoffs and lose in the 2nd round.  One of our starting pitchers ends up in a cast. Despite all of this, we head off to Disney to compete.

Funny enough, our boys had a new energy as they walked into the ESPN sports complex.  Bright eyes shined as the boys realized this was NOT one of their normal tournaments.  Teams from across the country (Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Kentucky, etc.) came to battle and hopefully win.

The PPO Bengals Orange stepped up to the challenge.  They were faced with many adversities.  Blazing hot sun, soreness, ripped pants, injuries (my own son has a sprained deltoid muscle), stomach viruses, and even a hospital ER visit for one of our players. None of this deterred our players from overcoming these hurdles.  The focus, enthusiasm and winning spirit never left them. 

They quickly learned that success would be no "walk in the park". Each victory would have to be hard fought.  The final game came and our boys dominated!  Two rain delays, torrential downpours, and lightning did not stop them from coming away as Champions.

The road to get to a mountain top experience is not always easy.  Our boys left their blood, sweat and tears on the field, literally.  

As I always tell my son:  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!  

The Gold Medal
Our team came away united with one common goal-WINNING
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