Sunday, August 19, 2012

Protected By Nature-Mountain Post #2

Wildflowers in Clingman's Dome

We are continuing our series entitled, Mountain Post.  This inspiring series are life lessons learned while visiting the Smoky Mountains.  If you missed the first part of this series here it is:

Observation Tower-Clingman's Dome
Today's hike took us to Clingman's Dome. It is the highest point in Tennessee and a favorite tourist destination spot in the Smoky Mountains. We drove up to a 6,500 feet elevation. Your ears pop as you drive along the winding road. The weather changes drastically. We left our cabin and the temperature was a sunny 86 degrees. By the time we made it to Clingman's Dome it was 61 degrees.  The outside conditions  were raining, foggy, windy and cold. A bad storm was blowing through but we still climbed by foot to the observation tower to see the state line between North Carolina and Tennessee. 

The greatest feeling from our hike was the realization that everything in the Smoky Mountain National Park is protected. The vegetation, foliage, animals, even the annoying insects that fly around you constantly. I want to complain about those nagging bugs (that somehow elude my deep woods bug spray). But the park rangers reminds me how ALL living life is precious. I've learned that we are ALL responsible to make our world more sustainable. 

As you hike through the forest you can see the effects of years of abuse by people. People wanting to make money off the land instead of living in harmony with the land. 

Which one are you? Do you live to protect all living species? 

We protect our World for our children!
Maybe you just live for today without thinking about the consequences of not recycling or polluting the air with smoke. We are all needed to protect nature. 

The very first settlers here, the Cherokee Indians, lived to be in harmony with the land. As I leave the Smoky Mountains I want achieve a lifelong goal-protecting nature. I want to see the dance of the hummingbird, as I did today, for years to come. The hummingbird moves so quickly to collect it's nectar.  It is a rare sight at the top of the Smokies. The place where the clouds touch Earth. 

Small choices today lead to big rewards tomorrow. 

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