Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Into A New Season

Harvest Time in Fall
A new season is upon us.  What's not to love about cooler temperatures and less humidity.  Living in South Florida you really only have two seasons-hot and less hot.  But indeed, I welcome Fall with great anticipation.  The time will change in a few weeks and we will fall back one hour.  My early morning workouts (6am) will have brighter skies instead of complete darkness.  Days will become a bit shorter but we look forward to leaves changing, college football and Pumpkin spice coffee.  If you have a garden, Fall is also harvest time.  Your hard work to tend to your seeds during Spring and Summer allow you to have a bountiful harvest in this new season.

What is new in your life?  

A new relationship, new duvet cover for your bedroom, new idea/strategy or maybe even a new remodel in your kitchen.  

Whatever it is, don't bring the past season into your new season.  

God has given each day as a fresh start.  Remind yourself daily of that fact.  It is a present, straight from Him.

Let us know what you LOVE about Fall (posted by Roslyn).

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