Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mountain Post #3-Live.Rest.Journey

This Monday we continue our Mountain Post Series:

No hair or makeup-just God's natural beauty
I was recently on vacation in the Smoky Mountains. Many people chuckle when I say relaxation for me is in the mountains. Florida is such a tourist destination (Disney World, beaches, etc.) so they wonder why the mountains are so appealing.  

The world becomes much quieter as you journey to the top of the mountains. The experiences are so different from "city life". For instance, I never once put on makeup during my vacation. I even went five days without combing my hair-yikes! Life just becomes rustic and organic. Everyday was spent hiking. We explored the massive habitat of over 17,000 species that live in the Smoky Mountains.

The views are breathtaking. One photo can't capture the majesty of those mountains. Skipping over rocks, digging for crickets, searching for beetles are all apart of my country living vacation. It's a time to unwind, listen and relax. As we all know life can get hectic. Our world becomes noisy and cluttered from work, kids, schedules, etc. This journey to the mountains allows my head to become uncluttered, unplugged and enjoy a simpler way of life. 

Make sure in this moment, you are also taking time to Live.Rest.Journey 

Looking Up
There is a huge world that surrounds us. How much of it have you seen? Half of the fun of vacation is traveling to your destination. Don't be so focused on where you are going. Take time to make little pit stops along the way. The best part of Tennessee is pulling over and listening to the running creeks or watching the wild turkey on the side of the road. Snapping a photo of the massive 500 year old oak tree. 

When we first came to Gatlingburg on our way from the airport, I noticed the "Hot Doughnut" sign on at Krispy Kreme. These doughnuts are my absolute favorite. The very sight of that red sign makes me want to pull over because I instantly start craving the soft, buttery and super sweet treat. 

The hubby was driving so I said, "Pull over the hot doughnut sign is on." The kids were in the back seat shouting for joy.  His response, "We don't have time to stop, we have to get to the cabin to check in." Our cabin was only ten minutes away. I was angry and realized how focused he was on getting to that destination, he didn't take time to enjoy the journey to get there. 

Not to worry, I finally bought my two dozen of hot doughnuts and thoroughly enjoyed sharing and eating them. The same lesson applies to you. As you travel though the realities of life, remember to Live.Rest.Journey. (Posted by Roslyn)

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