Sunday, September 29, 2013

Every Scar Has A Story

I hate when I get hurt.  It is always so painful and the process to healing seems longer than it should.  I'm not talking about a paper cut type of pain.  I'm referring to deep pain that leads to an ugly wound or scar.

If you ever endured any type of pain from a fall, climbing, burn, etc., you know the scars that remain are icky.  They go through many stages - blood, scab, puss, and oozing.  When you hurt yourself, the place that once was free from pain now makes a public announcement to the world that you hurt yourself.  I truly hate if this happens to a visible part of my body.  I will always have to explain to others the reason why I have that scar.

Every scar has a story.  

It speaks to a hurt that has physically left but the remnants of the past are still there. I remember having to receive surgery on my hand to remove a cyst.  I drove a far distance just to be with a specialist who was known for not leaving scars after surgery.  I wasn't so concerned about the logistics of the procedure.  I knew with the right "drugs", pain would go away.  Instead, I was overly concerned about the scar on my hand.  I didn't want it to show dominantly and mess up the cosmetic look of my hand, so I chose a plastic hand surgeon.

Some scars leave with a little tender loving care, like cocoa butter or aloe treatment.  But some stay forever.  You will have them with you until you die.  They will constantly be a reminder of the pain you endured.

Scars are reminders.  They trigger in our thoughts the pain of our past.  

Scars can be external but the deepest wounds are often internal where no one can physically see them.  Verbal abuse, harmful words, manipulation, deception are all scars that bury themselves as little seeds deep within our soul.

If we don't heal from the hurt of our past, the scar can manifest itself negatively into our physical words, behaviors and actions.  Have you ever met someone who just is angry for no reason?  Do you have an addiction that has a stronghold over you?  These are signs that the person is carrying a deep scar that no one sees.

PATH TO HEALING:  The hurt of our past needs to be released.  When the memory of the pain bubbles up - it is hurtful.  That trigger brings back emotions we thought we left behind.  We must feel the pain to eventually be restored to health.  Don't be afraid to stand in the truth of your ugly wound - because when you do, you open yourself up for healing. Now that's freedom!  (Posted by Roslyn)

God will provide those who instead of ashes, joy instead of mourning.. ~Isaiah 61:3


  1. Today's post was such a blessing to me. I recently got out of a verbally and mentally abusive relationship that would have gotten worse. As much as I hate to admit it, it left me wounded and feeling vulnerable. However, I kept reminding myself about the Lord's promises. Interestingly, I found myself on Isaiah 61:3 last night and I purposefully left my bible open there so I could read it when I woke up. This post is a needed boost of encouragement for me to continue on with the healing process. It's not fun or easy, but it wont last forever. You have truly blessed me, Roslyn. Thank you for that.

    1. Anonymous,

      Thanks so much for your response. We are agreeing in faith with you as you walk this journey. Praise God you made the decision to leave and stay safe outside of the relationship. May the peace and comfort of God overtake you. Blessings!


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