Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fun Fall Friday

A recent trip to Kentucky inspired me to embrace the new season of Fall.  The weather was crisp - a chilly 46 degrees.  The array of colors sprawled throughout the city, with the changing leaves was breathtaking.  It appeared as if someone took a paint brush and delicately painted a canvas for all to enjoy.  During my morning run, I saw many commuters driving into work.  They jumped out of their car not stopping for a moment to enjoy the view I found mesmerizing.

Florida stays green all year, so I enjoyed being nestled into true Fall weather.  The crunch of the leaves while running made me giddy inside - how about you?  What do you enjoy about Fall weather?  What Fall fashion piece is a "magical must have" for you?  For me, it is a pair of leather riding boots.

Enjoy a few photos from Louisville, Kentucky! (Posted by Roslyn)


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