Sunday, October 6, 2013

I'm Feeling Empty

I get so annoyed when my boys leave a drop of juice in the jug.  I have my glass ready to pour a fresh glass of refreshment, only to open the refrigerator and find an EMPTY container.  UGH!  I yell through the house, "Are you kidding me!" Has this ever happened to you?

Sometimes I race through life and feel pretty empty. There are times when emotionally, spiritually and physically I am running on fumes and completely depleted. We all need a self-awareness  when we have these moments.  Just like our gas tank, eventually we will STOP running.  

Surround yourself with those that can hold you accountable to a regular "engine check".  Are all internal systems running smoothly?  Is your face breaking out with pimples like a teenager because of stress?  Are you sleeping?  Are the words you speak negative and snippy?  

Those are all triggers showing  - SYSTEM MALFUNCTION!

As I've grown as a woman, I realize there are times when emptiness can be celebrated.  If you can't believe this, just keep reading.  

When we are empty, vulnerable, and waving the white flag of surrender, we can offer that existence to God.  We give him our willingness and obedience flowing from a place of emptiness and depletion.  

Adults become control freaks - especially moms.  We live to organize and plan every detail for our homes, kids and sometimes even our spouses.  We just like to be our own source and supply.  But this mentality leads quickly to physical exhaustion.  You might be thinking to yourself, I don't want to give up control.  I like being in the driver seat, BUT what about when the "uncontrollable" happens in your life.  Most of us run looking for answers, when life spirals out of control.

Giving yourself as an empty vessel or treasure to God creates our need to trust Him.  We can be placed in situations so strategically so that we might experience Him and His power to deliver us.  Jesus Christ is the perfect example of giving Himself away and then being exalted to a new level. (Posted by Roslyn)

"Though He was God, he did not demand and cling to his rights as God.  He made himself NOTHING...he obediently humbled Himself...then God raised Him up to the heights of heaven..." ~paraphrase Philippians 2:6-9

Commit today to this trade:
Give Him your nothing and in exchange He gives you everything (spiritual abundance)! 

Q:  What will it take for you to be EMPTY before God?  What do you need to release to Him?

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