Sunday, January 12, 2014

Intention of NOW

Happy New Year!

2014 is here and another holiday season is behind us.  This year my mom made many baked goodies with yeast, so I feel I have a few more holiday pounds to shed.  As we all do, the thought of denying myself food in the new year forced me to eat more before the holidays ended.  One more yeast biscuit, one more piece of cake, one more homemade cinnamon roll - YIKES!

I've already started my detox with a regimen of morning tea - water, lemon and honey and my kale soup for lunch/dinner.  It's the perfect combination to clean my system of all the food and drink from the holidays.  

One special moment this year was the celebration of our family just being together.  I work in retail, so leading up to Christmas I spend numerous amounts of hours out in stores and away from home.  The holiday provides the perfect respite to reconnect with my loved ones.  I love to hear the constant giggles and rowdiness of the cousins.  Whether they were playing, "Just Dance 2014" or air hockey in the garage, it's a blessing to have them all healthy and bursting with energy.  

I made the intentional effort this holiday not to worry about work.  If you are like me, you take vacation but scan through work emails because they are sent to your phone.  You call into the office to make sure everything is running smoothly.  I wanted this vacation to be different.  I wanted to engage fully with my family that surrounded me in those moments.  Recent tragic events at the end of 2013 forced me to realize - no moment is more important than the moment you have NOW.

All of us, as we head into a new year brimming with opportunity, must engage in the NOW.  You are never promised tomorrow, but you do have right NOW.  (Posted by Roslyn)

Be intentional this year to LIVE IN THE NOW!

Believe in NOW

The most important time in your life is NOW.
The most important person is the person you are looking at right NOW.
The most important activity in your life is the one you are doing NOW.
The best way to prepare for the future is to be totally present NOW.
Remember that NOW is the moment that never ends.
~Deepak Chopra

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